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Welcome to the HULSE network website.


We are dedicated to genealogy related to the HULSE surname and its variants:


We do not cover similar surnames that are distinct and unrelated to HULSE, such as HULL, HULLS, HALSE . There will undoubtedly be some overlaps and mistakes.


We acknowledge that surname-based research has unfortunate male bias. When possible, we will provide links to websites of Spouse surnames that were added to the Hulse legacy when women married in, and spread our influence as Hulse women married out.


We limit ourselves to American families. Our Clans start with first known immigrants. Family units start with first known American family without known immigrants.


Granvyl Hulse invented our unique numbering system (R01/123a/088, for example). It is our legacy from those who collected and protected our data since the Stone Age era, before computers. It had its beginning in punch card filing, where aligned holes in the cards allowed sorting of the massive data into usable piles.


This website is a work-in-progress, based upon the original HulseNet website first posted in the 1990s. Most of the data is as it was on that website, last updated in 1996. More current additions from later family trees may be added as they are brought to our attention.


It is important to note that most of this data has not been reliably "sourced".

Take it for what it is, and verify any information that you take away to be your own.


Check back later for the latest and greatest.

Original HulseNet Introduction Page

H U L S E    F a m i l y    N e t w o r k


This Hulse Family Web Page is the electronic supplement to the original Hulse Family Network created back in the days of pencil, paper, and three by five cards. It is composed of material accumulated by decades of research by family historians who became nearly blind, and definitely arthritic, bending over dusty books in damp library basements trying to record by candle light the semi illiterate writings of the past. The fact that the information they accumulated by their heroic deeds is so full of holes that you can drive a truck through it does not detract from their efforts. It will be up to you, the modern internet generation, to prove them wrong (and I stress the word "prove"), and build on their efforts. There is nothing in all the work that has gone on before that can be taken for granted, and believe me what has been accumulated has only scratched the surface.


A word of warning. If you think that you will be able to compile your family history from these pages, or from queries on the net, you definitely need a keeper. We can give you leads, but you are going to have to go yourself into those same dusty, damp basements that your predecessors did. The difference being is that you will have use of electronic copiers, and your material will be fed into computers where it can be examined, sorted, and shared with others in a matter of seconds. Don't let us down - if you do, may your motherboard fail, your screens go blank, and your children loose access to their Nintendo® games.


About 15 years ago, when the computer became something more than counting on one's fingers and could be purchased for the home, a Hulse Family Network was established. A master record of Hulse, Huls, Hulce, etc., first names, and surnames of spouses was accumulated, and individuals were identified as recorders for Clans (immigrant ancestor known) and Family Units (immigrant ancestors not known). Riding herd on this independent mob was a Central Recorder, who kept the master list, directed new queries to whomever could answer them, published a newsletter, and acted as the compiler for those Clans and Family Units that did not have a family recorder. From these dedicated efforts, the Hulse surname was brought out of darkness and into light to the joy of the U.S. Postal authorities who printed more stamps, the paper industry who cut down more trees, and hoards of Hulse researchers who thought they were working in a vacuum.


This, gentle reader, brings us to the Hulse Family web site that Debbie Wafford has set up. Most of the information accumulated in the past by the Hulse Family Network is available to you through this net (if we can remember where we filed it, and can understand your question.) Our answer may be as simple as a quick reply, an address of who to write to, bringing several of you together to work on your own line, or sending you sheets of material via snail mail. It can be as complicated as simply telling you we don't know, sending you back to do more research, and hoping for the best.


There are, however, rules to this game. First, if you don't intend to share with us, don't ask us to share with you. We have a lot more digging to do, and some of us are getting tired. Do us the simple courtesy of not wasting our time if you are not willing to part with your own Hulse related research. This is definitely a "shareware" project.


Secondly, and equally important, don't expect miracles. A lot of this material has been put together by guess and by golly, and that is bad genealogy to hang your hat on. Double check everything that is given you, and where you find an error, or can add to our store of information, let us know. This is especially true for anything that is posted on this web page. These articles are not the end all; they are simply drafts to build on.


Finally, as some of us lead other lives, we have a tendency to get distracted and may forget that you have asked us a question. If you don't hear back in a reasonable amount of time, jog our memory. If you still don't get an answer, rebroadcast your message to the group, or in my case, check the back bedroom on the second floor of a 125 year old, uninsulated, 15 room, white house with gray trim; and then call the coroner.


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