HULSE Family Network
HULSE Family Network

Mysteries & Mistakes

Our mission is to resolve mysteries and mistakes in the Hulse family trees.

Solving the genealogy problem is the first step - removing the mistakes that are spread over all the genealogy sites on the Web is a much bigger problem.

Hulse Famly genealogy info can be found on many websites.

Most of the sites have plenty of mysteries and mistakes.

Each small mistake spreads across the Web, repeated from one site to the next, often quoted as a source, until it is accepted as fact.


All reference documents contain mistakes, misspelling and typos.
Many are now available online - easily accessed and downloaded.


The mistakes are eagerly picked up since they seem to be "new" information desperately needed to open some long-closed door or break through a stubborn brick-wall.

The mistakes in the historic documents cannot be corrected now, but they can be documented, hopefully to help prevent further confusion.


As I unravel some of the mysteries I will make corrections to our Family tree databases - but I will keep the analysis documented here - so hopefully the mistakes and mysteries will not propagate further.