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References & Sources of Information

1) William Salmon


The Salmon Records - editor William A. Robbins 1918.
The introduction says: William Salmon, who started this register, was born August
12, 1684, and died May 10, 1759." The record was continued by
members of the Salmon family.

The [original] Salmon Records are a mine of genealogical wealth, and
was, doubtlessly, used by Moore in his compilation of Indexes-of
Southold." The manuscript appears originally to have consisted
of two separate registers, one of deaths, containing a few marriages,
and the other of marriages.


2) Charles Moore - Town of Southold, Long Island (1868) 


Personal Index Prior to 1698 
Index of 1698  - with references to Index of 1730 and Index of 1775.


The individual Indexes no longer exist, unfortunately, the data is only available in this consolidation. Reference to this book is often quoted as "Index of 1775" - which is actually second-hand info - prone to transcription mistakes by the author.


3) Seversmith's Colonial Families of Long Island, New York and Connecticut