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January 2012


Thanks to extensive research by Mary Inoue and lengthy discussion, the mystery of the two Stephen Hultz has been solved. These previous entries have been replaced:


  1.  Stephen Hulse/Hults (HUMS562) (SRN) (Rev. War Pension File #S10880 National Archives, Washington, D.C., but see notes with #51 below) (family unknown) Private, served two terms, one for New York and one for Connecticut. Applied on 19 January 1832, at Kent, Putnam Co., New York for pension. Stated that he served under Capt. Ephraim Lockwood, Capt. Rockwell, and Capt. Lemuel Bostwick. Enlisted at North Salem, Westchester Co., New York where he resided at the time. Stated that he was born in Bedford, Westchester Co., New York, and is 72 years old in 1832 (born 1760). Stated that the record of his birth was in the family Bible which burned when his mother's house in Bedford burned. Stated that since the Revolution he lived in North Salem, Westchester Co., then for the past 26 years (that is since 1806) he has lived in the Town of Kent, Putnam Co. He is buried in the Peekskill Hollow Cemetery, Putnam Valley, New York. Date of death given as November 17, 1838, in his 78th year.

    From "Abstracts of Rev. War Pension Files": "HULTS, Stephen, S10880, CT & NY Line, sol was b at Bedford in Westchester Co NY & he lived at N. Salem in Westchester Co NY at enl & in 1806 he moved to Putnam Co NY & he appl there 12 Sep 1832."
  2. Stephen Hulse/Hults (HUMS563) (SRN) (family unknown) Buried in the same plot as #50 above is another Stephen Hulse. It lists him as having died July 1, 1844, in his 86th year (1760). In the 1840 Census of Pensioners, New York-Southern District, it lists in the village of Kent, a Stephen Hults (age 83 b 1757) living in the home of Isaac Hults. Stanley Ross makes the following comment: "I believe that the Stephen who died in 1844 was also a soldier in the Revolution and his pension file is confused with the one above abstracted. The confusion is at the National Archives in Washington. The two Stephens buried in the same plot just have to be cousins. One of the above two Stephens was married 19 June 1783, in the Church of Christ, Salem, Westchester Co., New York, to Anna Lockwood."

    Mary personally determined that the 2nd headstone is, in fact, that of Stephen Hulse's wife Nancy Hultz/Hulse.

    Bedford and other towns in the NY area were burned down by the British, with the unfortunate lost of important linking documents, like birth and marriage records. Whether Stephen's mother's house was burned during the Revolution or afterwards (1812) could not be determined.

    Stephen Hultz was illiterate, using his mark on his Pension applications, accounting for the Hultz spelling of the surname. His son Isaac corrected the spelling to Hulse, when Stephen lived with him.

    We have concluded that Stephen is the son of Stephen Hulse, and grandson of Ebenezer Hulse (Clan R - b.1703) of Brookhaven NY. There is no record of Stephen, Sr.'s marriage, although my records have his wife as Elizabeth, or Stephen, Jr.'s birth - except that in his Pension application he said he was born in Bedford, NY.

    Stephen, Jr. married Anna (Nancy) Lockwood in 1783 in Bedford, NY. Anna is probably daughter of James Lockwood and Mary Norton, since she is otherwise unaccounted for. Her birth date would be earlier then indicated by Nancy's headstone - but within reason.

    The evidence to support these conclusions is slight, but as good as some other cases in the Clan R family tree. I have added these Hulse's to the Clan R family tree - pending any contradicting evidence.