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(Immigrant Ancestors Unknown)


Compiled by
Granvyl G. Hulse, Jr.



The list that follows contains introductions to a number of sizable family groupings of which we presently do not know their relationship to an immigrant ancestor. If anyone can provide additional information that will help us make a connection, we would be most appreciative. In fact there would be general rejoicing, with champagne and caviar served, as some of these families are quite large, descending many generations from the ancestors listed here. We are also looking forward, and if you find that you belong to one of these Family Units, and can provide us with information relating to later generations it will be sincerely welcomed.


Some of these families have recorders. Please refer to that sectionof the web page for their addresses. If a Family Recorder is not listed,please contact the Central Recorder, Kim Davis ( for additional information.


Do NOT repeat NOT attempt to prepare your family tree from any ofthis material. Contact either the Family Recorder (if there is one), or the Central Recorder for further information.

  • Part I ..........Family Units
  • Part II ........"HULSE" First Name Index
  • Part III ........Listing Of Known Spouses By Marriage


Part I


Family Unit #02 - LEWIS E. HULSE.
Born 8 May 1809, probably in New York, died 1867. Mar'd 6 January 1842 in Goshen, Orange Co., New York, Harriet E. Smith. Children recorded (all reportedly born in New York):

  1. Thomas J., born 1843, died 1927. No further information;
  2. Charles L., born 1846, possibly in Middletown, Orange County. Died 1903. Mar'd Elsie Hornbeck Davis. Children (all born in New York):
    George Frederick (1877-1952), mar’d in 1910 to Marie Verbert;
    • Everett Grant (1873-1905), mar’d Laveretta Smith;
    • Nathan (1874-1929), mar’d Elizabeth T. Hewke;
    • Harriet E. 1875-1945), mar’d Michael E. McGuire;
    • Mary L. (1880-1907), never mar'd;
    • Gertrude (1881-1883), died young;
    • Emma Davis (1883-1964), mar’d Wayne Hinkley;
    • Bertha V. (1885-1906), never mar'd;
    • Howard Davis (1888-1961), mar’d Emma Bickle;
    • Edith (1890-1912), never mar'd; and,
    • Alice (1892-1893), died young.
  3. James F., born 1848, never mar'd;
  4. George, born 1851, never mar'd; and
  5. Frank, born 1855, died 1925. No further information.

Family Unit #03 - JACOB HULSE.

See FU#129


Family recorder:
John W. Slayton
1416 W. Short Ave.
Independence, MO 64050

Family Unit #08 - GEORGE HULSE.

Born about 1820. Came from Connecticut to New York. Ran a schooner. Mar'd Mary Catherine Horton. Only one child of record:

  • George, Jr. born 1846, mar'd Catherine Mott Horton. Children:
    1. Carl (born 1874), mar’d Minnie Hait. One child of record:
      • George Clifford (born in New York in 1896, died in 1931), mar’d Margaret Remsen.
    2. Elizabeth (1884-1907), mar’d Robert J. Cameron;
    3. Margaret (born about 1884), mar’d a Mr. Hawkins; and,
    4. Pearl (born about 1884, died in 1965), mar’d a Mr. James.


Born in New York in 1883, and died there in 1945. He mar'd Matilda Steele. Three children of record (all born in New York):

  1. Eugene Ackford, born 1914, never mar'd;

  2. Walter Steele, born 1915, died 1943. He possibly mar'd as three children are presumed to be his. All reportedly born in New York in the 1930’s):

    • Charles, no further information

    • Florence, reportedly mar’d a Mr. Collins. No further information

    • Nina, reportedly mar’d a Mr. Ferdorico, No further information

  3. Wesley Emanuel, born 1919. Mar'd in New York in 1946, Constance Miller.

    • One child of record:

      • Nancy Leah, born New York in 1949, mar’d a Mr. Rutherford

Family Unit #19 - JOHN EDGAR HULSE.

Born about 1905, mar'd about 1922/3 to Alice Catharine Bailey. Died in 1939 probably in Connecticut. Family in and around Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. Eight children, of which the first four were possibly born in Connecticut, and the last four in Pennsylvania:

  1. David Stanley, born 1923, died 1964 in Harrison, Hudson, Co., New Jersey. Mar'd in 1949, in Elkton, Cecil Co., Maryland, to Lillian A. Gravatt;
  2. John Edgar, Jr., born about 1924. Mar'd 1st Leona (last name unknown), and 2nd Helen (last name unknown);
  3. William Henry, born about 1926, mar'd May Belle (last name unknown);
  4. Frederick Richard, born about 1928, mar'd Leona (last name unknown);
  5. Raymond Allen, born 1934 in Upper Darby, Delaware Co., Pennsylvania. He married Carol Emery in 1956 in Chester, Delaware Co., Pennsylvania;
  6. a daughter, name unknown, who died at the age of three;
  7. a son, name unknown, who died at the age of ten months; and,
  8. Robert Lee, born about 1935, possibly in Pennsylvania. He mar'd a Janette (last name unknown).

Family Unit #20 - RICHARD HULSE.

Born about 1810 probably on Long Island, New York. Wife's name unknown. Children of record are:

  1. Richard, Jr., born about 1835, who mar'd 2nd Mary Elizabeth [Post?]). The name of his first wife is not known.
    • By his first wife he reportedly had:
      • Harrison Born in New York around 1860, no further information; and possibly,
      • Richard , born around the same period. No further information
    • By his second wife, Mary, he reportedly had:
      • Ella, born in New York around 1860, mar’d Asa Nichols, two children;
      • Charles, born around the same period, mar’d Eliza (last name unknown), no issue;
      • George Washington, born in New York in 1860, mar’d Emma "Tillie" Johnson, four children; and,
      • Alice, born around the same period, mar’d Charles Smith, seven children.
  2. William, born about 1837. Reportedly mar'd as two children are listed as his:
    • Mervin, born in New York around 1870, reportedly mar’d as a child is reported; and,
    • Nettie, born around the same period. No further information
  3. Harrison, born about 1839, may have mar'd as a son (name unknown) was reported.

Family Unit #25 - WILLIAM HULSE.

Born about 1800 in Orange Co., New York. Mar'd about 1825 to Mary (last name unknown). Six children of record (all either born in Orange County, or New York City). Information is known on only William Henry:

  1. Sue, born 1825;
  2. Mary Jane, born 1827;
  3. William Henry, born 1829 in Greenwich, New York City. A steamboat captain. He mar'd Margaret Weston of New Jersey. He died in New Jersey. Thirteen children recorded, all born in New Jersey, of which only one, James Morris, has been traced:
    • Charles, born 1852
    • William, born 1854
    • Albert, born 1856
    • Amanda, born 1858, died 1934
    • Josephine, born 1860
    • Emma, born 1862
    • Sue, born 1864
    • James Morris, born 1866, died 1944, mar’d in 1887 Anna Marie Gardner, six children;
    • John, born 1867, died 1868, never mar'd;
    • Clara, born 1869
    • Annie, born 1871
    • Edward, born 1873
    • May, born 1875.
  4. Josephine born 1831;
  5. Sarah, born 1833; and,
  6. Catharine, born in 1835.

Family Unit #26 - HENRY HULSE.

Born about 1834 in New York. Mar'd Eleen Andrews. Four children of record. All apparently born in New York.

  1. William, born in 1859, mar'd Margaret McIlwee. Two children known,
    • Caroline, born 1893 in New York, mar’d Whitney Wood. One child, Felix, who changed his surname to Hulse; and,
    • William Henry, born 1899 in New York, mar’d in New York in 1938 to Florence Paulson. Two children, James Edward and Barbara L.
  2. John, born about 1860. No further information;
  3. Joseph, born about 1860. No further information; and,
  4. Samuel, born about 1860, and reportedly died in Michigan. No further information.

Family Unit #27 - DAVID W. HULSE. - Replaced by Clan J

Born 13 August 1794 in New Jersey. He moved to Ohio around 1820, and was mar'd 22 January 1824, in Butler Co., Ohio, to Rebecca Russell


Family Unit #30 - JOHN HULSE.

Born about 1800. No further information. One son recorded:

  • John Quincy Hulse born 1829 Montgomery Co., Ohio and died 26 March 1915 Indianapolis, Indiana.
    • Mar'd 1st Sarah Ann Wilson. Their children, all born in Indiana were:
      • Catherine Jane (born 1852), mar’d 1869 Parker Napoleon Ingalls;
      • William Clinton (1855-1912), mar’d1887 Lucinda J.D. Robinson;
      • Micajah Wilson (twin) (1860-1929), mar’d 1886 Leorah E. I. Robinson; and, Lavina Maud (twin) (1860-1861), died young.
    • John mar'd 2nd in 1875 to Sofie C. Anderson. No issue by this second marriage.


The family recorder is:
Barb Kasiewicz


Family Unit #32 - RICHARD HULSE.

Born in 1747, place unknown, settled in Washington Co., Pennsylvania in 1773, presumably from Virginia (land grant was by a Virginia certificate), died in Fleming Co., Kentucky in ,1834. Wife Mary (last name unknown). This family owned land in Washington Co., Pennsylvania neighboring and near Family Unit #105, and Joseph & Siche Hulse of Clan D. Six children of record.

  1. F. Sarah, born in Pennsylvania in 1779, (died young);
  2. Thomas, born 1783 in Pennsylvania. Died in Indiana in 1856. Mar'd in Kentucky in 1810 to Elizabeth Miller, children (all born in Kentucky):
    • William , (1811-1811), died young;
    • Henry, (1812-1840 in Kentucky), never mar'd;
    • Alexander Miller (1814- MO1909 in Missouri), mar’d in Kentucky 1845 1st Matilda Hart, mar’d in Indiana 1856 2nd Elizabeth J. Shanklin;
    • Mary, (1818-1839);
    • Rachel, (1819-1900 in Indiana), mar’d 1838 William Snyder;
    • Joseph, (1821-1898 in Indiana), mar’d 1844 Elizabeth Nunn/Nun;
    • Richard, (1823-1864 in Tennessee), mar’d in Indiana 1847 Julia Ann Olinger;
    • John, (1826-1863), never mar'd; James H., (1828-1891 in Indiana), mar’d in Indiana1853, 1st Elizabeth DeLong, mar’d 2nd Emily P. Tomlinson; Aaron Sanders (1830-1901 in Indiana), mar’d Margaret DeLong; and,
    • Alfred D., (1834-1888 in Indiana), mar’d in Indiana 1856 1st Sarah Shanklin, 2nd in Indiana 1867 Mary B. Morgan;
  3. Mary, born 1786 in Pennsylvania, died in Indiana in 1870. Mar'd Alexander Miller in Kentucky in 1808;
  4. Esther, born in 1790, mar'd 1810 in Kentucky to Thomas Faris;
  5. Richard, Jr. Born in Pennsylvania in 1791, died in Ohio in 1843. Mar'd in Pennsylvania around 1811, to Effa/Eva Glenn (?);
    • Richard, born Pennsylvania 1812, died Kansas 1880. Mar’d in Ohio 1836 Esther Ann Davis;
    • Hezikah, born Kentucky 1814, died Kansas 1889, mar’d in Ohio 1836 Nancy Chapman;
    • Thomas Glen, born Kentucky 1816, died Kansas 1907, amr’d in Ohio1840 Elizabeth B. Hutchinson;
    • James Samuel, born Kentucky about 1817, died Ohio1862, mard Ohio 1835, 1st Asenath Prickett, mar’d 2nd Sarah J. (last name unknown);
    • Otho, born Kentucky 1820, died Kansas 1910, mar’d in Illinois 1849 Rebecca Chapman;
    • Alexander, born Kentucky about 1824, died in Illinois in1871, never mar'd;
    • Elijah, born in Kentucky about 1826, died in Illinois, mar’d Sarah A. (last name unknown);
    • Sarah Ann, born in Kentucky about 1827, died in Illinois 1870, mar’d in Illinois 1860 Martin O'Gara; and,
    • Joseph, born in Ohio about 1830, died in Illinois 1853, mar’d in Illinois 1851 Martha Jane Chandler.
  6. Joseph F., born in Kentucky in 1797, died in Indiana in 1876. Mar'd in Kentucky in 1824 to Osee D. Johnson.
    • William J., born Kentucky 1829, mar’d in Indiana1849 Mary F. Dickerson;
    • Alferd, born Kentucky 1831, no further information;
    • Sarah/Sally Ann, born Kentucky 1834, mar’d (first name unknown) Swindler;
    • Richard Henry, born Indiana 1838, mar’d in Indiana 1869 Elizabeth Bishop; and,
    • Louisa A., born Indiana1843, mar’d in Indiana 1862 George Dailey.


Family Unit #32 is quite large, a fair number of the descendants having been traced.


The family recorder is:
Betty Ellis Hulse

Family Unit #33 - SAMUEL HULSE.

Born about 1830 in Pachogue, Long Island, New York. Mar'd Henrietta Bell. Six children reported, of which only the first has been traced. All reportedly born in New York:

  • Hartman Freeland, born 1855, mar'd Charlotte Angus Thurber (fourteen children); and, William, Houston, Orin, Howard, and Samuel, of which nothing more is known. The following are the children of Hartman Freeland (all born in New York):
    • Raymond Angus, born 1876, died young;
    • Blanch, born 1878, mar’d (first name unknown) Roberts;
    • Javis Thurber, born 1880, died young;
    • Ray, born 1881, died young;
    • Fanny Ray, born 1883;
    • Lottie Freeland, born 1884,
    • Lee Angus, born 1886, died young;
    • Sherman Javis, born 1888;
    • Jessie Baker, born 1891, mar’d Frank Nixon;
    • Daisy Maud, born 1892;
    • William Thurber, born 1895, died young;
    • Edith May, born 1897, mar’d in New York 1918 William J. Rahner;
    • George Frederick, born 1898, mar’d Evelyn Elizabeth (last name unknown); and,
    • Leroy Hartman, born 1901, died 1902.

Family Unit #34 - HENRY AMOS HULSE.

Born 1816, died 1882 Stonybrook, Long Island, New York. Mar'd Ruth (Rose) Tooker. Four children, all born in New York:

  1. George W., born 1843, died in Virginia in 1863. (Civil War);
  2. Caroline, born 1846, died 1883. Mar'd 1872 to Tredwell Smith;
  3. Henrietta, born about 1847, was presumably mar'd as a daughter is reported; and,
  4. Nathaniel, born 1848, died 1915, mar'd Emily Smith. Children (all born New York):
  5. Henry Amos, (1870-1951), mar’d 1st Mary Louis Collins, mar’d 2nd 1923 Edna May Wright;
    • Clara Belle, (1876-1890);
    • Charles, (about 1878), never mar'd; and,
    • Arthur, (about 1880), never mar'd.



Both Henry and Ruth are buried in the Hollow Road Cemetery, Stonybrook. In 1848, when Nathaniel was born, they were living in Setauket, Long Island.

Part I




Born 1789, possibly in Berkley Co., Virginia. Possibly mar'd in 1814, in Montgomery Co., Kentucky, to Mary Malone Ellington, born about 1795 in Amelia Co., Virginia, where her parents resided at the time, (no record of the place as Montgomery County records were destroyed). John died 1849 in Clay Co., Missouri. Ten children are recorded, of which the first seven were born in Kentucky and the last three in Missouri:

  1. Jane, born 1814, died in Missouri in 1873. Mar'd in 1833 to George W. Douglas;
  2. a son born about 1816, died young;
  3. Samuel Dement, born 1817, died in Missouri in 1883. Mar'd in 1840 in Missouri to Jane Bickley Dickenson. Children (all that we know of were born, mar’d, and died in Missouri)
    • Almeda, (1841-1917). mar’d 1865 Albert G. Perry; Greenville, (1845-1925), mar’d 1869 1st Ida Jane Conrad, mar’d 2nd 1912 Georgia R. Guy;
    • Arista, (1848-1927), mar’d Elizabeth (last name unknown); and,
    • Melville, (1852-1919), mar’d Alice (last name unknown).
  4. Thomas Ellington, born 1821, died in Missouri in 1901. Mar'd 1st Elizabeth Gentry, and 2nd in Missouri in 1866, Drucilla M. Morris. Children (all that we know of were born, mar’d, and died in Missouri):
    • By Elizabeth:
      • Mary Jane, (1853-1931), mar’d Samuel Killin;
      • Martha, (1855-1879), mar’d 1869 Cary Wardlow;
    • By Drucilla:
      • Pleasant Thomas, (1857-1865), died young;
      • Nancy Elizabeth, (1860-1865), died young;
      • John Henry, (1862-1865), died young;
      • George Washington, (1865-1865), died young;
      • Samuel Ellington, (1867-), mar’d 1901 Sarah Stephens;
      • James Richardson, (1869-1956), mar’d 1897 Hattie Proffit;
      • Charles H., (1871-), mar’d Minnie Elliott;
      • Thomas Jefferson, (1875-1953), mar’d 1953 Lucy Quick; and,
      • Simpson Ely, (1881-1946), mar’d Louise Schier.
  5. Mary Ann, born 1824, died in Missouri in 1899. Mar'd in Missouri in 1844 to William Henry Holman Slayton;
  6. Pleasant K. (male), born 1828, died in Missouri. Mar'd 1st in Missouri in 1849, Sarah Cox. Mar'd 2nd in 1856, Charlotte Rollins. Children (all by Charlotte and all that we know of were born, mar’d, and died in Missouri)
    • Benjamin Franklin, (1852-), mar’d Arabelle Sanders;
    • John Kennedy, (1854-), mar’d 1st Elizabeth Adams , mar’d 2nd Emma Gardiner Long;
    • Edward Clay, (1858-), mar’d Frances Allers,
    • Zenapheer K., (1860-), mar’d but name unknown;
    • Sterling Price, (1862-), mar’d Minnie Burgess;
    • Kate, (1864-), mar’d Walter Sheets;
    • Allen, (1867-), mar’d Margaret Jones;
    • Ellen, (1868-), mar’d George Aikins;
    • Cavinaugh, (1869-), died young;
    • Annie Bettie, (1871-), mar’d Edgar Dalton; and,
    • Samuel D., (1873-), mar’d Hattie Smith.
  7. Richardson, born 1830, died in Missouri in 1907. Mar'd Catherine Rollins. Children (all that we know of were born, mar’d, and died in Missouri):
    • Jefferson Newton, (1854-1928), mar’d 1876 Sallie Taul Barnard;
    • Mary Susannah, (1856-1892), mar’d 1879 Allen McGee Fay;
    • Galen Riley, (1857-1873), died young;
    • Albert Eugene, (1859-1930), mar’d 1880 Emma Frances McGee;
    • John Lee, (1862-1930), mar’d 1883 Mary Sue Duncan;
    • Clara Belle, (1864-1918), mar’d 1883 Robert Henry Dale;
    • Georgia Anna, (1866-1869), died young;
    • Julia Catharine, (1868-1947), mar’d John Richards Hulse (a cousin);
    • Cordie Rollins, (1871-1948), mar’d Benjamin F. Fry;
    • Richardson Clyde, (1873-1947), mar’d1897 Julia Jackson Baker;
    • Iva May, (1876-1944), mar’d Benjamin M. McDaniel; and,
    • Clay Bruce, (1878-1952), mar’d 1900 Laura Blanche Humphry.
  8. George Washington, born in Missouri in 1835, died there in 1901. Mar'd in 1858 Nancy Ellen Steele. Children (all that we know of were born, mar’d, and died in Missouri):
    • John Richardson, (1859-1940), mar’d Julie Catherine Hulse (a cousin),
    • James Robert, (1862-1925), mar’d 1896 Mary Rebecca Livesay;
    • William E., (1864-1899), never mar'd;
    • Franklin, (1867-1906), never mar'd;
    • Carrie Lee, (1869-1965), mar’d 1899 Robert E. Livesay;
    • Thurston C., (1872-1933), mar’d 1897 Hallie Hope Stewart;
    • Claude D., (1874-1951), mar’d Allie Mabry; and, Clarence Shelburn, (1881-1944), mar’d 1914 Elsie K. Littell.
  9. Ann Eliza, born in Missouri in 1836. No further information; and,
  10. Ruffin, born in Missouri in 1842. No further information.


Please note that Family Unit's #37 and #53 are the ONLY other Hulse/Hults/etc. in Clark and Montgomery Counties, Kentucky during this time period.
This is a very large family, and a connection is presumed with Clan V, but proof has not yet been found.


Family Recorder:
John W. Slayton
1416 W. Short Ave.
Independence, MO 64050

Family Unit #37 - JOSIAH HULSE.

Born around 1715, possibly in New York or New Jersey. Mar'd twice. The 1st to Hannah (last name unknown), and the second to Elizabeth (last name unknown). Five children are reported, three proven and two possible:

  1. Paul, born about 1740, possibly in Sleepy Creek, Orange Co., Virginia, and died around 1820 in Clark Co., Kentucky. He mar'd 1st Eleanor Meeks or Meaks. Children (all born in Virginia):Paul mar'd 2nd Ester Verlinda Wynn-Davenport. No issue reported by this marriage;
    • Richard, (about 1776-1812 in Kentucky), mar’d in Kentucky 1801 Sarah Sally Barrows;
    • James, (about 1770- died in Missouri), mar’d 1st in Virginia (name unknown), mar’d 2nd in Kentucky 1823 Agatha C. Smith;
    • Thomas, (about 1774-1827 in Kentucky), mar’d 1st in Kentucky in 1795 Elizabeth Davenport, mar’d 2nd in Kentucky in 1812 Elizabeth Battershell;
    • John, (1779-1861 in Kentucky), mar’d in Kentucky in 1800 Mary Sims Davenport;
    • Paul, Jr., (1781-1858 in Ohio), mar’d in Kentucky Elizabeth Roberts;
    • Nathan, (about 1783-1840 in Indiana), mar’d in Kentucky in 1808 Ruthy Baker;
    • Eleanor "Nellie", (1788-1863 in Missouri), mar’d in Kentucky in1808 Joshua Walker;
    • Betsey, (baptized 1784-), no further information;
    • Martha "Patsey", (1790-1862 in Indiana), mar’d in Kentucky in1809 William H. Roberts; and possibly,
    • Nancy Ann, (1769-1855 in Ohio), mar’d in Virginia Robert Walker.
  2. Josiah, Jr., possible son, born before 1756, reportedly in Frederick Co., Virginia, deceased by the time of his father's death. No further information;
  3. Elizabeth who mar'd a Blue or Blew. No further information;
  4. Possibly a daughter who married a Brown; and,
  5. Robert, born before 1758, possibly in Frederick Co., Virginia. He died about 1827 in Breckenridge Co., Kentucky. Mar'd Mary (last name unknown). Children (all born in Virginia):
    • Elizabeth, (about 1776-), mar’d 1st in Kentucky in 1800 James Shaw, mar’d 2nd in Kentucky in 1810 William Richey, Sr.;
    • Sarah or Sally, (about 1788-), mar'd Frederick Fraize, Sr. in 1810 in Breckenridge Co., Kentucky, died about 1829 in the same county;
    • Josiah born about 1777, probably in Berkeley Co., Virginia, died about 1848 in Breckenridge Co., mar'd Sarah or Sally McClelland in 1811;
    • Polly, (baptized 1784-died in Missouri), mar’d in Kentucky in 1800 Anthony Randall; and,
    • Christina born about 1792, died in 1878 in Kentucky, mar'd in 1815, John Spencer (no issue).


Family Recorder:
Kim Davis


Family Unit #39 - WILLIAM HULST/HULCE.

Born in New Jersey in 1762, died there in 1791. Mar'd Sara Hulst in 1784. (Williams father is not known, but it is presumed that his mother's maiden name may have been Susan Cook). Only one son of record,

  • James Hulce (notice the change in spelling), born 1791 in New Jersey, and died in 1875 at East Millstone, Somerset Co., New Jersey. Mar'd Mary Hoagland. Ten children all born in New Jersey, and unless specified elsewhere, all died in New Jersey:
    1. Albert, born 1815, died 1891. Mar'd in 1856 Margaret Cassidy;
    2. William H., born 1817, died 1893. Mar'd 1841 Elizabeth W. Hoagland;
    3. Maria, born 1819, died 1893. Mar'd 1848 Cornelius S. Van Liew;
    4. James Hoagland, born 1821, died in Oregon in 1904. Mar'd in 1845 in Ohio to Deliverance Schamp;
    5. Sarah, born 1824, died 1918. Mar'd 1848 John Henry Conover;
    6. John, born 1826, died in Kansas in 1873. Mar'd 1853 to Sarah Ann Hoagland;
    7. Catherine, born 1828, died 1851. No marriage reported;
    8. Martin Hoagland, born 1830, died in Illinois in 1903. Mar'd in Illinois in 1855 Ellen Conover;
    9. Ellen, born 1832, died in 1886. No record of marriage; and,
    10. Henry Stoats or Staats, born 1835, died in Connecticut in 1905. His wife's name is not known, but two children have been recorded


Family recorder: Brian Hulse



Born about 1795 in Kentucky, possibly in Clark Co., died in 1870 in Warren, Huntington Co., Indiana. Mar'd 1st 1816, in Highland Co., Ohio, to Mary Spinckard (1786-1853); and 2nd 1854 (same county) to Roxilina Oldaker (1809-190?). Children only by first marriage:

  1. George Washington (1817-1906), mar'd 1st 1836 Highland Co., Ohio, Mary Anne Kessinger, and 2nd to Catharine Johnson (no issue); Children by Mary Anne:
    • John Byron, 1839-1905, mar'd Cynthian Ann Wilson; possibly Nancy, 1841-1863, mar'd 1858 Joseph W. Line;
    • Rebecca A., born about 1846, likely the same who mar'd Benjamin Robb in 1866 in Grant Co., Indiana; and,
    • Thomas J., 1851-1853.
  2. Thomas Jefferson (1816-1863) mar'd in 1838 to Susannah Duckwall. Children:
    • Cynthia, born about 1840, mar'd 1st in 1856 to Stephen Strange, and later reportedly to a Mr. Ferguson;
    • James F., (1839-1921) mar'd 1st 1861 to Mary Jane Smith (14 children by this marriage), mar'd 2nd 1892 to Melissa (Dickey) Lane (1857- 1944), and had at least five more children.
    • George W. (born bout 1844, died in Georgia in 1864), never mar’d.
    • Mary Catharine (1846-1863), never mar’d
    • Margaret (1857-1863)
  3. Possibly Rebecca Ann who mar'd 1847 to David Hilterbrand.
  4. Possibly James H., no further information..


Only sons George and Thomas are "proved" and researched. This family is "missing" data on as many as eight other children. This family may eventually tie into Family Unit #37, but there is no proof at this time.

Family Unit #54 - HENRY LEE HULS.

Born about 1830 (Ohio ?), mar'd Charity Nash. Both probably buried in Butler Co., Ohio. Eleven children all reportedly born in Ohio:

  1. Augustus, born 1869 in Stockton, Butler Co., Ohio. Died in 1942 in Hamilton, Butler Co. Mar'd in 1891 to Anna Kahlert. Only two children are recorded:
    • Naomi, (born Ohio 1892-1950), mar’d 1919 Michael Schmaltz.
    • Stanley, (born Ohio 1896-), mar’d in1917 Eva Louise Kieser.
  2. Anna Laura "Addie", born 1887, died 1943 in Union, Butler Co. No further information;
  3. Emerald, no further information;
  4. Rebecca, no further information;
  5. Gurley, born 1871, died 1955 in Dayton, Montgomery Co., Ohio. No further information;
  6. Bell, no further information;
  7. Seaybourd, no further information;
  8. Lindsey, year of birth not known, died 1852 in Hamilton, Butler Co., Ohio. Reportedly mar'd twice. 1st Julie E. (last name unknown), and 2nd Mary "Mamie" (last name unknown);
  9. Margaret, no further information;
  10. Emmy, no further information; and
  11. Harry Lee. Year of birth unknown, but died in Bethany, Butler Co. No further information.

Family Unit #62 - SAMUEL HULSE.

Born around 1785, possibly in New York. Mar'd Mary Schoonover. Eight children recorded, and two more are possible:

  1. Robert L., born around 1811, mar'd Temperance (last name unknown). Children:
    • Angeline, (born New York about 1843), no further information;
    • Hannah, (born New York about 1845), no further information;
    • Nancy, (born New York about 1848), no further information;
    • Mary, (born New York 1853-1854 in Pennsylvania);
    • Daniel, (born Pennsylvania 1854-), mar’d Emma (last name unknown);
    • William M., (born Pennsylvania about 1857-1861), died young ;
    • Minnie, (reportedly born New York about 1855), no further information; and,
    • Robert Jr., (born Pennsylvania about 1859-), no further information.
  2. Elizabeth, born around 1817, mar'd Thomas J. Roe;
  3. John H., born around 1818, mar'd Elizabeth (last name unknown). Children (all born in New York):
    • Cecil M., (1846-). mar’d Eliza A. Van Gordon;
    • Anna Maria, (about 1847-), no further information;
    • Joseph C., (about 1848-), mar’d 1st Elizabeth (last name unknown), and 2nd Mary Tyler;
    • Henrietta, (about 1850-), no further information;
    • John D., (1853-), possibly died young;
    • John P., (1855-), mar’d Martha Jane (last name unknown);
    • Jane A., (about 1856-), no further information;
    • Willard, (about 1860-), no further information;
    • Nelson R., (about 1858-), mar’d Ella (last name unknown);
    • Paul, (about 1860-), no further information;
    • Mary E., (1860-), mar’d Duane Turner;
    • Eviline, (1865-), no further information;
    • James, (1866-), no further information; plus,
    • one child who died young .
  4. James David, born 1820, reportedly mar'd three times, 1st Mary Henderson, 2nd Margaret E. Parker, and 3rd possibly a Madison. Children (all born in New York):
    • By Mary:
      • Samuel H., (1845-1914), mar’d in New York 1866 Francis Elizabeth Campbell;
      • Mary Ann, (about 1847-died in Pennsylvania), mar’d 1st Mr. May, mar’d 2nd James Compton;
      • Phoebe, (about 1848-), reportedly died young.
      • Charles, (1850-1913), mar’d Verna Brake or Rake;
      • John, (1852-1923), mar’d 1st Mary (last name unknown), and 2nd Ellen Black;
      • Fannie B., (1854-1934), mar’d James Wormuth;
      • Armanda "Minnie", (1857-1927), mar’d Edward Edwards;
      • William H., (1860-1934), mar’d in New York in 1883 Nellie Edwards;
      • Amelia "Mollie", (1862-), mar’d 1891 to Floyd Space;
      • Cyrus, (1863-1926), mar’d in New York 1891 Annie Turney;
      • Margaret Jane, (1865-1928), mar’d in New York 1891 Charles Williams;
      • Deliah, (about 1865-), died young;
      • Phoebe Matilda, (1866-1928), mar’d in New York 1885 Elias Wormuth;
      • Maude, (1870-1955), mar’d in New York 1893 Mel Warring;
    • By Margaret:
      • Isabel Boulavin, (1876-1953), mar’d in New York 1893 Fred Space; and,
      • James Burlin, (1879-1957 in Wisconsin), mar’d 1st Catherine Schmidt, and 2nd Inge Catrina Hedelund.
  5. Albert G., born around 1824, died in Pennsylvania in 1900. Mar'd Catherine Tyler; Children (all born in New York. Only Theodore has been traced. No information on the others):
    • Manervia, (1840-);
    • Lucinda, (1842-);
    • Samuel, (1844-);
    • Ruth A., (1848-);
    • Theodore, (1849-), mar’d Margaret Gutheil;
    • Harvey L. (Tyler ?), (1851-);
    • Mary S., (1853-);
    • Charity, (1855-); and,
    • Jane, (1870-).
  6. Daniel Chase, born 1829, mar'd twice. 1st Ida Dailey, and 2nd to Jane Elizabeth Keesler.
    • Children by Ida:
      • Alice, (New York 1851-), mar’d Francis Tinkelpaugh ;
      • Daniel Chase, Jr., (New York about 1855-), reportedly mar’d;
      • George F., (Pennsylvania 1865-), may have mar’d several times as reportedly had 30 children;
      • Ily Agnes, (Pennsylvania 1866-1882), died young;
    • By Jane:
      • Franklin Delazina, (Pennsylvania 1874-1950 in Connecticut), mar’d 4 times, 1st Ellen Mae Helms, 2nd Flora E. French, 3rd Edith Robson, and 4th Agnes Iola Robinson;
      • (all the rest born in New York)
      • Lillian, (1877-), mar’d John Geckle;
      • John Dennis, (1879-1960), mar’d 1st Charlotte L. Pierce, and 2nd Lilliam Knickerbocker;
      • Bessie L., (1885-), mar’d 1st George Jeckle, and 2nd Frank Wyman;
      • Bertha, (1884-), mar’d Willard Robinson;
      • Otto and Orval, twins, born about 1890, died young; and,
      • Pearl J., (1895-1984), mar’d in 1911 Julius F. Tilson.
  7. Samuel H., born 1834, also reportedly mar'd twice. 1st to Theresa E. (last name unknown). The name of his presumed 2nd wife is not known. Children by Theresa (all born in New York):
    • Willard Elber, (1861-), mar’d 1st Carrie Conklin, and 2nd Edna Miller. (There is some confusion as to his first name as it has also been recorded as Wilfred and William);
    • Paul Arthur, (1862-), no further information; and,
    • Polly C., (about 1868-), reported to have mar’d a Mr. Mulrainy.
  8. Charles E. born 1835, mar'd Sarah (last name unknown). One child reported:
    • Adelade, (New York about 1859-), no further information.


This family is presumed to be descendants of Richard Hulse of Long Island (Clan R).


Family recorder: Lynn Harper

Part I
FAMILY UNITS #91 - 130


Family Unit #91 - HENRY HULSE.

Born around 1760. No information other than reported in Jefferson Co., Kentucky in 1784 where he purchased 500 acres. Only one son listed:

  • Henry K. Born 1782 Shelby Co., Kentucky. Died 1867 Trumbul Co., Ohio. Mar'd 1st Rhoda Rowley, and 2nd Fanny R. Moore (no issue by her listed). Henry and Rhoda's children were (all reportedly born in Ohio):
    1. John C. born 1808, died in Ohio in 1870. Mar'd Drucella (last name unknown), one child of record: 
      • Albert, (Ohio 1852-1861), no further information.
    2. Benjamin, born 1810, died in Iowa in 1883. Reportedly mar'd twice, but only the name of the first wife (Cloa Anna Sibert) is known. Children (all born in Ohio):
      • Rebecca, (1836-), mar’d in Ohio in 1858 Jacob S. Reisinger;
      • Elizabeth, (1839-), mar’d in Ohio in 1864 S. V. Seaton;
      • Pailena, (1841-), no further information; and,
      • Adam, (1846-), no further information.
    3. Henry K. Jr., born 1814, mar'd 1st Margaret Leonard in Ohio in 1837, and 2nd Sophia (?) Burnett in 1840. We have not located any children for this marriage:
    4. Constant Rowley, born 1816, mar'd 1st Bathsheba Foot in Ohio in 1839, 2nd Mary Rice in Illinois, and 3rd Mary J. Rutledge. Children by all three marriages;
      • By Bathsheba (all born in Ohio):
        • Rozetta, (1830-), mar’d Hampden Hume;
        • Eben Ward (Eber?), (1842-1915), mar’d in Ohio 1866 1st Mary A. Currier , and 2nd Elizabeth Wartman:
        • Zalmon Foote, (1844-1863 in Tennessee), never mar'd;
        • Joseph Nelson, (1846-1864 in Georgia), no further information; and,
        • Althea Bathsheba, (1848-), mar’d Isaac Hedges.
      • By Mary Rice:
        • Henry J., (Illinois 1851-), mar’d Mary J. (last name unknown).
      • By Mary Rutledge:
        • Judson O., (Illinois 1858-), mar’d Catharine (last name unknown); and, Hattie, (Illinois 1860-), no further information.
    5. James, born 1819, died in Ohio in 1893. Mar'd Betsey R. Barnes in 1839. Children (all born in Ohio):
      • Eben, (1841-), no further information;
      • Janette, (1843-), mar’d in Ohio in 1863 James Bradford;
      • Henry K., (1845-1905 in Iowa), mar’d Olive Bradford; and,
      • Frank K., (1866-1897), no further information.
    6. William, born about 1820. No further information;
    7. Richard K., born 1829, mar'd Hannah Payton in 1850, one child of record:
      • Edward, (Ohio 1850-), no further information.
    8. Seth, born 1830, died in Ohio in 1907. Mar'd Mary Sadler in 1852. Children (all born in Ohio):
      • Seth M., (1855-1916), mar’d but name unknown;
      • Laura, (1858-1889), no further information;
      • Maria A., (1861-), mar’d 1881 Homer Root;
      • Adell, (1863-1889), no further information; and,
      • Walter, (1869-1904), no further information.
    9. Sarah, born around 1824, mar'd Oliver Booth in Ohio in 1844.

Family Unit #94 - JONATHAN B. HULSE.

Born about 1807 in New York. Mar'd Jemima (last name unknown). Five children of record, all born in New York:

  1. Henry, born 1832, mar'd Jane Eliza (last name unknown). Two children recorded:
    • Norbert, (born New York about 1860), no further information; and,
    • Andy, (born around the same period), reportedly mar’d. No further information.
  2. George, born 1841. No further information;
  3. Mary E., born 1843. No further information;
  4. James F., born 1846. No further information; and,
  5. Samuel "Squire", born 1850, died in Wyoming in 1930. Mar'd Margaret or Mary Garin. Six children recorded, all born in Iowa:
    • Nellie/Nella M., (1873-), mar’d in Wisconsin in 1891 Ralph E. Blackwell;
    • Mary Lou "Lula", (1875-), mar’d Frank Hammerstrom;
    • James Day or Dan, (1877-), mar’d Maggie (last name unknown);
    • George Frederick, (1879-1957 in Oregon), mar’d Sadie Welch;
    • Blanche, (about 1882-), mar’d Ray Leas; and,
    • Earl, (about 1882-), no further information.

Family Unit #95 - WALTER HULSE.

Born about 1823, in Kentucky. Mar'd Mary M. or A. (last name unknown), born about 1829 in Indiana. Listed in the 1850 census of Shelby, Ripley Co., Indiana. Two children reported:

  1. John William, born 1843 in Indiana (reportedly in Baltimore Co.), died 1918 in Yakima, Washington, mar'd 1st Sarah J. Full. Their children were:
    • Elmore "Skinner", (born Illinois 1872-died in Arkansas), mar’d Nettie Harris;
    • Elsworth "Ben", (born Illinois 1873-1922 in Washington), mar’d Dora (last name unknown);
    • Annie C., (born in Illinois 1875-1940 in Washington);
    • Nathan W. "Balvie", (born in Illinois 1877-), mar’d Gertrude (last name unknown);
    • Omer "Doc", (born in Illinois 1882- died in California), no further information;
    • Joseph William, (born in Kansas 1884-1949 in Washington), mar’d Georgie (last name unknown);
    • Erlie Ren "Jimmy", (born in Oklahoma 1886-died in Lousina), no further information; and,
    • Amy Jane, (born in Oklahoma 1889-1977 in Washington), mar’d Alvin Clift.
    John William then mar'd 2nd Zella J. Tolle. One child reported:
    • Vida Irene, (born in Washington 1912-), mar’d 1st in Washington 1929 Howard R. Fielding, mar’d 2nd Archie Lee Houk.
  2. Alexander born 1847 in Indiana. No further information


This family migrated about 1883 from Tonti Township, Marion Co., Illinois, to Indiana, then about 1885 to Oklahoma, and then some later went on to Washington and Alaska.

Family Unit #99 - ISAAC DARIUS HULSE.

Born about 1820, in New Jersey. Died 1885, Waverly, Tioga Co., New York. Mar'd Catharine Winfield, in New Jersey in 1841. Children:

  1. Harriet, born New Jersey 1842, no further information;
  2. Darius W., born New Jersey 1845, died in New York in 1890. Mar'd Mary E. Miller. Children (all born in New York around the 1870’s):
    • Emily, Sarah, Andrew , and William. No further information.
    (all the rest of Isaac's children were born in New York).
  3. Mary A., born 1846, no further information;
  4. Emily, born 1850, no further information;
  5. Walter F., born 1852, died in New York in 1911. Mar'd in 1874 to Josephine B. Terry. Children (all born in New York):
    • Arthur C., (1876-1953), mar’d Mary Anna Lang;
    • Lulu Mae, (1880-1933), mar’d 1907 Claude E. Field;
    • Harry Orin, (1883-1963), mar’d 1st Elizabeth Nichols, mar’d 2nd in 1929 Gladys J. Putnam; and,
    • Ralph, (1894-1950 in Florida), no further information.
  6. William H., born in Elmira, Chemung Co., New York, 30 March 1855. Mar'd 25 December 1883 to Paulina J. Bowen. No further information; and
  7. Sarah Ann, born 1860, no further information.


From "A Memorial History of Tioga Co., New York", page 659. Isaac was a teacher for a number of years. From New Jersey he went to Chemung County, and from there to Tioga Co., New York in 1855. He first farmed, then later worked in a meat market until his death. William first farmed, and then also went into the meat market business for himself.

Family Unit #105 - HENRY HULS/HULSE/HULTZ.

Born about 1737 (place unknown). He moved to Washington Co., Pennsylvania from Hampshire Co., Virginia (deed shows where he sold his animals in Virginia before moving to Pennsylvania), died 1810, buried in Peter's Creek Cemetery, Library, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania. He mar'd twice. The name of his first wife is unknown. He mar'd 2nd Jane Bell Seviers Reno. Children:

  1. Richard, born 1760, place of birth unknown, died in Pennsylvania in 1840. Mar'd Abigail (last name unknown). Children (all possibly born in Pennsylvania in the 1780’s):
    • James, (died 1833), mar’d Mary Calhoun;
    • Priscilla, mar’d James Fife;
    • Sophronia, mar’d William Fife;
    • Henry, mar’d possibly a Margaret A. (last name unknown); and,
    • Robert S., died young,
  2. Mariam, born 1762 in Pennsylvania, died 1846. Mar'd Isaac McMichaels;
  3. Henry, reportedly born in Virginia in 1765, died in Pennsylvania in 1851. Mar'd Jane Collins. Children, (all born in Pennsylvania):
    • John "Blue Henry", (1786-), mar’d Ann (last name unknown);
    • Sichey, (1790-1872), mar’d David Phillips;
    • Mariam, (1792-1846), mar’d William Long;
    • Isaac, (1793-1870), mar’d Jane McCully;
    • Jean, (1799-), no further information;
    • Henry Elston C., (1804-1875), mar’d in Pennsylvania in 1838 Matilda J. Allison;
    • Sinea, (1807-), no further information;
    • Clarissa A., (1810-1832); and,
    • Belsine, (about 1811-), mar’d a Mr. Forman.
  4. Zadock, born in Pennsylvania in 1770, died in Pennsylvania in 1852. Mar'd Priscilla Hoagland. Children (all born in Pennsylvania):
    • Zebra/Sabery, (1802-1832), mar’d Samuel Terbett;
    • Preston, (1805-), possibly mar’d in 1821 a Jane Williams;
    • Harrison, (1810-1877), mar’d 1837 Eleanor (last name unknown); and,
    • Meria/Mena, (1813-), mar’d in 1830 Robert Pointer.


Family history says he came from England before 1772. Came to Pennsylvania from Virginia between 1765/70 per 1850 census. This family MAY have had some tenuous links to Family Unit #37 in Virginia (they knew the same people). Henry owned land boardering other Family Units in Pennsylvania, (See Remarks under Family Unit #32, and also Family Unit #131 for possible connections.)

Family Unit #129- RICHARD HULSE.

(Ohio 1812- Ohio 1848). In Highland Co., Ohio, in 1834 he mar’d Sarah Robinson (1817-1888). They had seven children:

  1. Catherine Jane (1834-1870), mar’d in Ohio in 1858 to Abraham Roush. Family remained in Highland Co.;
  2. William B. (1837-1905 in Illinois), mar’d in Ohio in 1861 to Margaret E. Robinson (1843-1901). Children:
    • Matilda Ella (Ohio 1861, mar’d George Hicks),
    • Robert A. (Ohio 1865, mar’d Ina Lillian Walton),
    • Thomas (Illinois 1868, mar'd Alice Siders), Joseph N. Illinois 1869, mar’d Lillie (last name unknown),
    • Rebecca (Illinois 1871, no further information),
    • Mirah J. (Illinois 1873-1874), John Richard (Illinois 1875, mar’d Ella J. Siders), and
    • Charles Clyde (Illinois 1878, never mar’d);
  3. George Detrick (1840-1917), mar’d 1st in Ohio in 1866 to Francis C. Murphy (c1845-c1867) and 2nd to Theresa McKinney. Family resided in Highland Co. Children:
    • (By Francis) Fannie M. (Ohio about 1867, mar’d Frank E. Nevin),
    • (By Theresa) Thomas E. (Ohio 1879, no further information);
  4. Jacob (formerly Family Unit No. 3), born 1842, mar'd in Ohio in 1863 to Araminta Plate. Children:
    • Benjamin F. (born 1862), mar'd Luella Chapman (10 children);
    • Frederick; and
    • Albert.
    • No further information on the last two.
  5. Elizabeth, born 1843, no further information;
  6. Charlotte (1844-1929), mar’d in Ohio in 1862 to John Pence; and,
  7. James Richard (1846-1897), mar’d in Ohio in 1879 to Jane Welty, no further information.


Family Recorder:
Charles E. Hulse, Jr.

Family Unit #130 - SAMUEL HULTS.

Born 16 September 1828 in New York. Died 18 May 1882, probably in Newell, Buena Vista Co., Iowa. Mar'd 8 January 1877 in Iowa to Nancy Jane Clifton, daughter of Nathan Clifton and Mary E. Smith. She was born 30 July 1843 in Indiana and died 4 April 1921 in Newell, Iowa. She married second Edward Mitchell. Samuel and Nancy's children were:

  1. Samuel Howard, born 14 March 1879 Douglas Township, Sac Co., Iowa. Mar'd Bessie Mae Scott on the 14th of March 1905 in Brooten, Stearns Co., Minnesota. Children:
    • Martha Mae, (Minnesota 1906-1983), mar’d in Minnesota in 1925 George Novak;
    • Gladys Jane, (Iowa 1909-), mar’d in Minnesota in 1934 Keith Glen Smith;
    • Howard Franklin, (Iowa 1913-1960), mar’d 1936 Florence Morgan;
    • Laura Marie, (Iowa 1915-), mar’d in Minnesota in 1944 Carl Rood;
    • Luverne S. "Pete", (Minnesota 1918-), mar’d in Minnesota in 1943 Mary Sena Berntson;
    • Mildred Ione, (Minnesota 1920-), mar’d in Wisconsin in 1951 Waldo Erickson; and,
    • Earl F. "Butch", (Minnesota 1929-), mar’d in 1954 Marjorie Stava.
  2. Mary, born 9 December 1880 in Newell, Iowa. Mar'd Henry M. Sonnighsen, 18 December 1899, in Iowa; and,
  3. Charles Daniel, born 9 January 1882 in Sac Co., Iowa. Mar'd 25 June 1902 Esther F. McDeid at Storm Lake, Buena Vista Co., Iowa. Children:
    • Hazel Aglea, (Iowa 1905-), mar’d in Wisconsin in 1935 Carl Stadig;
    • Clare Clif. "Bud", (Iowa 1907-1985 in Minnesota), mar’d in Minnesota in 1933 Grace R. Schumacher ;
    • Eunice Marion, (Minnesota 1920-1984), never mar’d; and, Daniel D. "Duke", (Minnesota 1924-1987), mar’d in South Dakota in 1944 Lillian Rickard.


According to Dale Gilliland, who is researching this line, some of his older relatives (now deceased) had indicated that Samuel was born at Hempstead, Queens Co., New York. From what Dale mentioned this might be the Samuel of Family Unit #62, but proof is lacking. Samuel is on the 1870 census and the 1880 Soundex in Douglas Township., Sac Co., Iowa. His daughter, Mary, related to her children that Samuel came from Minnesota and was a logger before living in Iowa. Was not located in the Minnesota census.


Part I
FAMILY UNITS #131 - 143


Family Unit #131 - WILLIAM HULTS.

Born about 1768, died 7 April 1844 (age 76) New Bedford, Lawrence Co., Pennsylvania. Buried Deer Creek Cemetery, New Bedford. Mar'd Elizabeth (last name unknown) born 1769, died 16 May 1840 New Bedford. Buried Deer Creek Cemetery. Children: (only one known)

  • William, Jr., born 5 August 1815, died 24 December 1898 Youngstown, Trumbull Co., Ohio, buried Riverside Cemetery, Poland, Mahonig Co., Ohio. Mar'd 1st 31 March 1840, in Niles, Trumbull Co., Ohio, to Jane Horner, born 1822 in Niles, died 22 December1854 at New Bedford. Buried with her husband. Children (all born in Pennsylvania):
    • John H. "Jimmy", (1841-Ohio), never mar'd;
    • Elizabeth Amanda, (1842-1895 Pennsylvania), mar’d in Ohio in1860 Stephen V. Seaton;
    • Nancy Ellen, (1843-1929 in Ohio), mar’d Francis King Patterson;
    • Sarah Alice, (1844-), mar’d Frank Woods;
    • William Howard, (1846-1931 in Ohio), never mar'd;
    • Adaline A. J., (1849-), died young;
    • Christopher C., (1850-), died young;
    • Asbury Glenn, (1853-1942), mar’d in Pennsylvania in1881 Mary Ellen Howser;
    • Edward I., (about 1856-died in Ohio), no further information; and,
    • Grace, (about 1856-died in Ohio), mar’d Charles Clegg.
    William Jr. mar'd 2nd in 1856, Sarah Pyle. It may be that some of the children listed for his first wife may actually be from this second marriage.


William Hultz, senior visited Middlesex Township, Butler Co., Pennsylvania in 1793 with a party of hunters, returning the next year with his family to settle on the spot where he had carved his name on a tree. (From Horner Genealogy) The parents of William are not known. In the Bethel Cemetery at New Bedford, Pennsylvania are the graves of Isaac and Jenny Hultz. Isaac is listed as a grandson of Henry Hultz, which might connect this family with the Trumbull Co. Henry K. Hulse of Family Unit #91. This family might also tie into Family Unit #105.


The four counties concerned, Mahoning and Trumbull Counties in Ohio, and Mercer and Lawrence Counties in Pennsylvania, adjoin each other. The distances between the various villages are only a matter of a few miles. While there may be no connection between the two families the coincidence of their settling in the same area should not be overlooked.

Family Unit #132 - WILLIAM HULS.

Born 8 June 1806, in New Jersey, died 11 February 1868, in Canal Winchester, Fairfield Co., Ohio. He is buried in the Antioch Cemetery, Hocking Co., Ohio. He was mar'd 22 October 1829, Falls Township, Hocking Co., Ohio, to Mary Roberts, born Pennsylvania. She died 15 June 1874, in Hocking County and is buried in the Antioch Cemetery. Five children listed:

  1. David William, born Ohio 1830, died there in 1906. Mar'd Eliza Peters. Children (all born in Ohio):
    • Joseph W., (1859-), mar’d in Ohio in 1884 Emma Frazier;
    • Mary M., (1861-), mar’d in Ohio in 1880 Noah P/Rimmer;
    • Daniel, (1863-), no further information;
    • Martha Alice, (1865-), mar’d Lewis Patterson;
    • Charley Alfred, (1869-), no further information;
    • Edward, (1872-), no further information; and,
    • Eliza Lucretia, (1875-), mar’d Hollis Tucker.
  2. Rebecca, born about 1832, died young;
  3. Owen Robert, born 1 April 1837, in Falls Township. He mar'd 1st in 1860 Anne M. Cupp, and 2nd Susan L. Cupp. Children (all presumed to have been born in Ohio in the 1860’s-70’s. No further information on any of them):
    • By Anne:
      • Frank M, and Charles B.,
    • By Susan:
      • William L, Cora, James C., Henry M., and Daisy.
  4. William Harrison, born 1 April 1837, in Falls Township. He was mar'd 1st 30 January 1864, in Hocking County to Elizabeth Weltner. He mar'd 2nd Eliza Bender. Children (all presumed by Elizabeth and presumed to have been born in Ohio in the 1860’s-70’s. No further information on any of them):
    • A. Eugene, Iola Belle, Winona E. William M., Eva J., and, Bertha E.
  5. Lucretia Ann, born 1843, mar'd Henry Seibert.


William originally came to Canal Winchester in 1827 to work on the canal locks. In 1836 he moved to Falls Township to work on Bonner's Lock. Later settled in the area as a farmer. He is listed in Goodhope Township in the 1850 and 1860 census'. His wife Mary was the daughter of Owen and Letita (Williams) Roberts.


Family recorder: Greta Huls
Fritz Huls >

Family Unit #133- SILAS (also called MARTIN) HULTS.

Born about 1820, in Kentucky, and died after 1857, possibly in Wappaelo Co., Iowa. He was married in Shelby Co., Indiana in 1844 to Catherine Mauk or Moch. Three children of record:

  1. John M., born in Indiana 1845, died in California in 1916. He married Mary Lucy Cochran in Iowa in 1870. Children (all born in Indiana):
    • Charles Arthur W., (1871-1924 in California), mar’d Alice Redden;
    • George Bertran, (1874-1929 in California), no further information; and,
    • Mary Grace, (1877-), mar’d Joseph O'Brien.
  2. Martha I. or J. born in Indiana in 1849. No further information; and,
  3. James William, born in Indiana 1852, died in Iowa in 1929. He married Flora Belle Sheets in Iowa in 1875. Children (all born in Iowa):
    • Carrie Belle, (1879-1930), mar’d 1898 Eugene H. McEwen;
    • Cora Belle, (1880-), no further information;
    • Charles Otis, (1893-1959), mar’d 1st 1912 Elsie M. Harris, and mar’d 2nd in 1919 Laura M. Rimmer; plus
    • an infant born/died in about 1897.

Family Unit #134 - HOWARD and SILAS HULTS.

  1. Howard Hulse/Hults, born 1823 in New York (per census). He mar'd Lucinda Mckean, born in 1815 in Pennsylvania per 1850 census, or Jane McKean, born in 1815 in Pennsylvania, per the 1856 census. Howard was in Dingman Township, Pike Co., Pennsylvania in 1850, and in Fairview Township, Allamakee Co., Iowa in 1856 (a farmer) listed as being two years in the state. With son William in the 1885 census of Troy Township, Wright Co., Iowa. Children listed in 1856 census of Fairview: Children by Lucinda (born Pennsylvania):
    • Gilbert B., (about 1836-), mar’d 1st Mary (last name unknown), (see '70 census), and 2nd Hannah (last name unknown), (see '80 census); and,
    • William D., (1837-), mar’d Lucretia C. Perry.
  2. Silas C. Hulse/Hults, born March 1822, in New York (per census), died 7 October 1887, in Allamakee Co., Iowa. He mar'd Meribah/Maribah (last name unknown), who was born in 1823 in Pennsylvania, and died 19 August 1885, probably in Allamakee Co. Silas moved to Iowa in 1856 from Pike Co., Pennsylvania. He was listed as a farmer in 1856. His obituary said he was a postmaster for 25 years. Maribah's obituary was in the Waukon Democrat where it mentioned that she came to Iowa in 1856. Children (first five born in Pennsylvania, rest in Iowa):
    • Alanson, (1839-), no forther information;
    • George W., (1841-1920 in Iowa), mar’d Emma (last name unknown);
    • Hiram, (about 1845-1871 in Iowa), mar’d Mary (last name unknown);
    • Martha, (1851-), no further information;
    • Mary, (1855-1857 in Iowa), died young;
    • Lydia/Libbie, (about 1865-1868), died young;
    • Janie, (about 1862), mar’d in Wisconsin in 1886 Nathanial W. Williver; and,
    • Charles, (about 1868-), no further information.


Howard and Silas may descend from a Benjamin Hulse/Hultz of Dingham Township, Pike Co., Pennsylvania. He was there in the census of 1830, 1840, and 1850. In the latter there was also a Rowan Hultz mentioned. The Benjamin (R06/090/039 of Clan R) was born in 1792 and married a Dorothy Reeve. Only one child of record and that was Henry V. Hulse, who was born in 1820 and married in 1850 Mary E. Hulse. Insufficient information is on hand to determine where the Benjamin of Clan R lived or whether he could have had more than the one child.


This family may also be connected with Family Unit #94 as two sons (George and Henry) of Jonathan were living in the same town in Iowa as Howard and Silas.

Family Unit #135 - WILLIAM and possibly GEORGE HULTS.

  1. William Hults, born New York about 1815. Mar'd Jane Hyde. They had nine children of record (all born New York):
    1. Phebe Elizabeth (born 1833, died 1898), mar'd Samuel L. Mitchell;
    2. William Osborne (born 1835, died 1924), mar'd Hannah (last name unknown);
    3. Peter H. (born 1837, died 1895), mar'd 1st (1864) Catharine Hyde, mar'd 2nd Betsey Hyde;
    4. Seymour, (born 1838, died 1921), mar'd 1863, Eliza Surdam;
    5. Susan, (born 1840), mar'd James Verity;
    6. Stephen, (born 1842, died in North Carolina in 1864), mar'd Margretta Carmen;
    7. Annie (born 1845), no further information;
    8. Jacob, (twin) (born 1847, died 1933), mar'd 1867 Susan Jane Carman; and,
    9. Isaac (twin), (born 1847, died 1888), mar'd Alice (Hyde) Travis.
  2. George Hults (a brother ?) (born about 1820, died 1848), mar'd Jane Ann Smith. One child of record:
    • William H. (born 1842), mar'd 1864 Willetta Van Tassek.


Family recorder: Diane Johnson

Family Unit #136 - NATHANIEL T. HULSE.

See Clan XS

Family Unit #137 - JOHN R. HULSE.

Born in Chenango Co., New York in 1831, died in Meadville, Crawford Co., Pennsylvania, 19 May 1878, mar'd 11 May 1855, in New York, Susan Marshall Chapman, (born near Montreal, Canada, 24 November 1835.) Three children, all born in New York:

  1. Franklin, born Dunkirk, Chautauqua Co., New York, 20 May 1857, died in Warren Co., Pennsylvania, 31 December 1886, never mar'd;
  2. Harry Edgar, born 10 February 1862, mar'd 3 August 1887, Agnes Gertrude Dillon, of Warren Co., Pennsylvania (she was born 14 September 1865). Children:
    • Robert Earl, (Pennsylvania 1888-), no further information;
    • Harold Francis, (Pennsylvania 1889-), no further information; and,
    • Helen Merrill, (New York 1891-), no further information.
  3. Grace Darling (Davis). born 29 August 1864. She went by her step-fathers surname.


John was listed as a machinist of Portland, Chautauqua Co., New York. His wife, Susan, mar'd 2nd John Calvin Davis of Port Angeles, Clallam Co., Washington.

Family Unit #138 - DANIEL or DAVID HULTZ/S.

Born New York 1816, mar'd Catharine Bogardus. They had six children, all probably born in Michigan:

  1. Gage D., born May 1840, Pittsfield, Washtenaw Co., Michigan, died 2 March 1881, in Benton, Eaton Co., Michigan. He mar'd in 1867, Christiana A. Hitchcock. One child of record:
    • Leonard M. Hults, (Michigan 1868-), mar’d Michigan in 1890 Almina M. Mikesell. No further information
  2. Eliza Jane, born about 1842, no further information;
  3. Forbes W., born about 1843, no further information;
  4. Jonas Merritt, born 29 October 1847, died of typhoid 5 November 1870, Kalamo, Eaton Co., Michigan. He never mar'd;
  5. Adah M., born 9 May 1852, died of typhoid 30 October 1870, in Kalamo. She never mar'd; and,
  6. Peter Albert, born 1 April 1856, died 19 March 1918, in Eaton Co. He mar'd 18 October 1887, in Benton, Lydia M. Mitchell.


Family recorder: Pat Hulse

Family Unit #139 - JOSEPH D. HULSEHART.

Born New Jersey in 1787. Mar'd in New Jersey in 1819 Margaret Vorhees. They had ten children of record, all born in New Jersey:

  1. Hendrick, born 1823, mar'd in 1841, Ester Patterson. Children (all born New Jersey. No further information):
    • William H., (1844-), Mary H., (1846-), and Joseph, (1849-).
  2. Aaron, born 1827, mar'd Margaret (last name unknown). Children (all born New Jersey. No further information):
    • Joseph (twin ?), (1847-), Lydia A. (twin ?), (1847-), Charles, (1851-), and Jonathan (1856-).
  3. William, born 1830, mar'd Jerusha (last name unknown). Children (all born New Jersey. No further information):
    • Margaret, (1854-), Lydia, (1857-). and possibly Catharine, (1860-)
  4. Catharine, born 1832, no further information;
  5. Alfred H., born 1834, mar'd Amy Grover. Only child of record:
    • John, (New Jersey 1859-), mar’d Sarah Irons.
  6. Hannah, born 1836, no further information;
  7. Mary, born 1838, no further information;
  8. Sarah, born 1841, no further information;
  9. Kesiah, (twin), born 1843, died in New Jersey in 1992. Mar'd in 1865, William Yetman; and,
  10. Jane (twin), born 1843, no further information.


"I Zebulon Clayton one of Justices of Peace in and for said County, do hereby certify that on the 26th day of June 1819 at Margaret Fielders in said County, I married Joseph D. Hulce of Township Howell in County Monmouth, in state aforesaid and Margaret Voorhes of Howell." Recorded 19 October 1819.


From the Monmouth County Biographical history, page 96, John Hulshart, a son of Alfred and Amy (Grover) Hulshart, lists his father as having been a carpenter and farmer in Jackson township.


Family Unit #140 - JAMES HULTS.

Born in Plainsboro, Middlesex Co., New Jersey about 1800. His wife's name is unknown. They had four children of record:

  1. Ellen, born about 1828, mar'd S. Davidson;
  2. Eva Ann, born about 1830, mar'd John Maple;
  3. Alfred, born about 1832; and,
  4. Eugene Arthur, born in Monmouth County in 1834, died in Plainsboro, New Jersey in 1912. Mar'd Leah Howell. Children (all born New Jersey):
    • Carrie J., (about 1854-), mar’d in New Jersey in 1873 William Caperoon;
    • Jacob M., (about 1858-), no further information; and,
    • Eugene Arthur Jr., (1861-1911), mar’d in New Jersey in 1886 Lucy (van Vorhees ?).


In the biography of Eugene Arthur's son, Dr. Eugene Arthur, Jr., that appeared in the History of the New Jersey Coast, on page 370, he tells that his grandfather, James, was a "well known and prosperous farmer." The biography goes on to state that his father, Eugene, Sr., was also a native of Plainsboro, and also a farmer.

Family Unit #141 - DAVID HULSE/HULS/HULTS.

Probably born in NewYork in 1794, died in Ohio in 1871. He mar'd Mary Bound. There are three children of record:

  1. Abigail, born in Ohio in 1827. No further information;
  2. Mary Q., born in Ohio in 1829. No further information; and,
  3. Joseph Bound, born in Ohio in 1830, and died in Indiana in 1904. He was mar'd in Ohio in 1855, to Emerline Catterlin. Six children recorded:
    • George Wilbur (Ohio 1856-Indiana 1869);
    • Marsella Josephine (Ohio 1858-Indiana 1910, mar’d Indiana 1880 William Jasper Wyeth;
    • Silas Hamlin (Indiana 1861-1929), mar’d Indiana 1888 Ida Kay Lawrence;
    • Mary Caroline (Indiana 1862-1880), no further information;
    • Jennus Hubble (Indiana 1865-1957), mar’d 1st Indiana 1890 Anna Beaner, mar’d 2nd Dora Eversold; and,
    • Joseph Grant (Indiana 1868-1949), mar’d Indiana 1892 Stella Olive Nixon.

Family Unit #143 - TIMOTHY HULSE.

Born in New York about 1820. Mar'd Amelia (last name unknown). They had six children of record (all born in New York):

  1. Richard, born about 1840. No further information;
  2. Timothy, born about 1840. No further information;
  3. Henry Franklin, born in 1845, and died in 1913. He was mar'd in 1866 to Ann Eliza Bond. Children (all born in New York):
    • Robert Henry, (1867-), no further information;
    • Laurence Bond, (1870-), no further information;
    • Annie Elsie, (1876-), no further information;
    • Daniel Franklin, (1877-1938 in New York), mar’d 1st Edith M. (last name unknown), mar’d 2nd in New York in 1907 Elvina Smith;
    • Nancy, (1878-), no further information;
    • Anna, (1880-1960 in New York), mar’d in New York in 1898 David C. Brush;
    • Casper, (1883-1964), mar’d Hanna (last name unknown), no further information;
    • Chauncy, (1884-), mar’d Alice Mott; and,
    • Alanzo, (about 1885-), mar’d Maggie Clark. No further information.
  4. Benjamin (not proven), born about 1845. No further information;
  5. Daniel, born in 1862, and died the same year; and,
  6. Patrick, born about 1865. No further information.