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The Mystery of The Two Jemima's

There are two marriages attributed to Jemima Hulse, at the same time and place - both In 1733/4  (early 1734) - both in Southold.
John Case m. Jemimia Hulse -  in 1733/4   (Wrong)
John Overton m. Jemima Hulse - on 1/1/1733/4  (Correct)


Charles Moore's Town Of Southold - Index of 1698 on  page 64 - it says:
110. Case, John prob. son of 106, p [died] 6 Feb 1775 age 57: he or a namesake m, Jemima Hulse 1733/4.

on page 106 - it says:
502. Overton. Isaac, prob. son of 'Isaac, B. 1683, D. 4 Nov., 1723, .£. 40h; m. Abigail, dau. of '-Nathaniel Moore, No. 463; c, prob. Nathaniel, who m. Alathea Way in 1732 (Index of 1775)—John, who m. Jemima Hulse in 1734 (Index of 1775)—James, who M. Mary Goldsmith in 1745.


The Salmon records on page 83 [p. 129 - Marriages] - it says:
1733/4 Jan 1 - Jn Overton & Jemimah Hulse. on page 96 [p. 144 - Marriages] - it says: 1760 July 9 - John Case & hannah eldrydg.  [actually Hannah Aldrich]


There is  another marriage of John Overton and Jemima Hulse, about 1775 - These two are cousins.

This second John Overton is son of David Overton and Anne Hulse - who is sister of first Jemima Hulse.This second Jemima Hulse was daughter of John Thomas Hulse - who is brother of ftrst Jemima Hulse.


No wonder there is confusion about this mystery - Solved!