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Except in a very few instances, nothing more is known about the following entries than the limited information given in these pages. It may be that many died without issue. Others, like Randall (ZE), may have later returned to their country of origin. Walter (ZH), and John (ZI) reportedly came with their parents, but the father's name has not been recorded. Some of these, therefore, may be related and eventually end up under one family entry. Others, such as G.W. Hulse who landed in San Francisco, and John Hulse in Galveston, Texas, might not be immigrants at all, but persons returning from a trip abroad. Hopefully one of the following, however, might turn out to be the immigrant ancestor of one of our present up-placed families. If anyone can increase our knowledge of any of these individuals, please do not hesitate to contact the editor. It goes without saying that if you find someone who is not on our list, please let us know.

unknown. Immigrated before 1850

P. Hulse (first name, age, and country of origin unknown) obtained naturalization papers in San Francisco, California in 1850. From "San Francisco Ship Passenger Lists", Vol. 8, page 14, by Louis J. Rasmussen, Colma, California, "San Francisco Historical Records", 1969.

England. Immigrated 1836

Charles Hulse, age 26 (1810), listed as "merchant" immigrated from England to New York, on January 1836, aboard the ship "Sarah Azelia." Code A6164. New York Passenger List. Then two years later Charles Hulse, age 28 (1809), listed as "merchant", immegrated from England to New York, August 1837, on the ship "North America." Code A7497. New York Passenger List. Finally Charles Hulse, age 36 (1809), listed as "merchant", immigrated to New York (place of origin unknown), 21 July 1845, on the ship "Great Western." Code AB3740. New York Passenger List. Instead of an immigration could this have been the same English businessman making several trips to the U.S. There is specualtion that the above three Charles' are the same person and that after his third trip he remained in the U.S. because a Charles Hulse, born 9 January 1809, died on November 2nd 1891, in Middletown, Connecticut. His certificate of death gave his birth place as Nottingham, England. He left a wife Julia A. Hulse, born 13 October 1815 in Middletwon, and later died in Middletown on 13 January 1908.

Germany? Immigrated 1845

Ann Huls, age 27 (1818), with Mary, age 7 (1838) (daughter?) are recorded in 1845 in New Orleans, Louisiana, on page 11 of the article, "New Orleans German Ship Register", in the "Balkan and Eastern European American Genealogical and Historical Society Quarterly", 3:3 (June 1, 1966.)

unknown. Immigrated before 1868

Ernst August Hulse, age 19 (1849), naturalized in 1868 in Hillsboro, Kansas. This is on page 97 in the book published by the U.S. Work Project Administration, State of Kansas, "A Guide to Hillsboro, Kansas", printed by the Mennonite Brethren Publishing House, 1940.

unknown. Immigrated 1841

William Hulse, age 28 (1813), listed as "merchant" arrived in New York on 27 December 1841, aboard the ship "Columbus." Country of origin not recorded. Code A9957. New York Passenger List.

Holland. Immigrated before 1870

Moritz (Americanized to Maurice) Huls was born 11 April 1836, in Provsing, Holland. He died 5 July 1923, possibly in South Dakota. He married Hendrika Brendan, born 12 September 1838, in Lichenwoorde, Holland, and died 16 May 1925, possibly in South Dakota. At present there is only one son of record: William Hubert, born 24 March 1870, in West Holland, Wisconsin. Died 27 January 1958. He married Anna Lunders on 20 June 1893. She was born at Horn, Holland, on 7 February 1875, and died 28 May 1958. They are reported to have had fifteen children of which only Joseph Hubert is known. He was born 4 November 1908 in Salem, South Dakota. He married Gladys O'Neil on 5 June 1939. She was born 28 November 1915 in Junius, South Dakota. They reportedly had six children of which only Donald C. Huls is known. He married Adele Trapp. According to Donald "So far as we know Maurice (Moritz) Huls' brothers settled in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Some from Wisconsin settled in Iowa, and Moritz Huls eventually came to Salem, South Dakota. One of his children, William Huls is my grandfather." No further information on this family.


Family recorder:
Ton Huls

Germany. Immigrated before 1888

This family showed up on a search of the pre-1907 Milwaukee County vital records. Albert Hulse (also recorded as Huelse), born 1860's in Germany, occupation, laborer. Married to Emily Last, also born in the 1860's in Germany. Four children of record, all possibly born in Wisconsin. 1) Hugo, born about 1888; 2) Arthur born about 1890; 3) George, born 14 October 1892, Milwaukee, Milwaukee Co., Wisconsin; 4) Hulda, born 31 July 1894, Milwaukee, and died 6 October 1901, in Milwaukee.

Germany. Immigrated before 1850.

Charles Hulse, born 1827, in Germany is listed in the 1850 census of Ward 1, Cincinnati, Ohio. Is living in the household of Henry Mach. No further information.

Germany. Immigrated before 1849.

October 1852, assignment of guardianship for minor children of Gottleib Hulse, who died July 1849, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The four children were: 1) Herman Hulse, age 14, (1838); 2) Theodore Hulse, age 13, (1839); 3) John Hulse, age 4 (1848); and, 4) Frederick Hulse, age 3 (1849). No mother still living, her last name possibly "Last", as John P. "Last" requested and awarded guardianship of children and $600 for the estate of Gottleib Hulse for the maintenance of the children. Listed as brother-in-law to Gottleib. The mother of the children must have died before October 1852. From Milwaukee County Historical Society's Library, "Probate Index, Milwaukee County."

Germany. Immigrated 1911.

From a letter, dated 27 May 1975, a Mrs. Martha Hulse Koger, said that her German father, Mr. George Hulse, with two of his brothers, Ben and Frank Hulse, and their families, came from "Aumich", Germany in 1911. (The name of the town is in doubt).
They settled on farms near Flanagan, Illinois. George then went on to Oregon with his relations Mr. & Mrs. Henry and Anna Evens in 1914. Three sisters of George were also given, Olga, Gracie, and Anje. Reportedly the family consisted of six boys and three girls. George died in the Good Samaritan Hospital in Portland, Oregon, 11 February 1947, age 65 (1882). "On his 65th birthday as a result of being run over by a truck." One of the sons apparently had a son as the letter lists Merle Hulse of Portland as a "1st cousin." As Martha did not list brothers or sisters it is presumed that she may have been the only child of George. She was 60 years old on 26 September 1975 (born 1915).

Germany. Immigrated before 1872.

Henry J. Hulse, born 8 September 1845, Germany, married 3 October 1863 Swantje Leenerts (born 6 April 1848, died 13 July 1910). Henry died 13 March 1905. They had five children of which only John Henry's place of birth is recorded. Both parents died in the U.S., but where, or where they were married, is not yet known. Their four children were:


  1. Henry, who married Anna;
  2. Leonard who married Mary;
  3. Emma who married Charles Hewitt;
  4. John Henry Hulse, born 27 November 1872 in Minonk, Illinois, died 3 January 1947 in Carleton, Nebraska. On 9 March 1898 he married Tetje "Kate" Harberts (born 17 May 1879 in Milford, Illinois, and died 14 January 1940 in Bruning, Nebraska. She was the daughter of Ralph "Rolf" Harberts, and Folke "Folka" Eggen). They had nine children:
  1. Susan Elizabeth "Lizzie", born 1 October 1899, Sibley, Iowa, married Leonard J. Van Westen;
  2. Ralph Edward "Ed", born 2 July 1900, married Rhoda Bruning;
  3. Henry Albert "Bert", born 12 April 1902, in Sibley, married Beulah Frankforter;
  4. Harry Arnold, born 23 April 1904, in Silby, married Therese Wilhelms;
  5. George William "Bill", born 18 April 1906 in Nebraska, married Marie E. Middendorf;
  6. Florence Dora, born 6 February 1909, Bruning, Nebraska, married John Gerdes;
  7. Clarence John, born 25 June 1913, in Bruning, married Alberta Lentfer;
  8. Ollie Catherine, born 6 October 1916, in Bruning, married Jesse Peppie;
  9. Mildred Margaret, born 30 November 1922, in Bruning, married Clifford Chapman.


The children of George are recorded, but not the others.

Germany. Immigrated before 1885.


The 1900 census for St. Louis, Missouri, lists Joseph Huls, born Mar 1862 in Germany, and his wife Charlotte, born Feb 1865, also in Germany. They had five children, all born in Missouri. Lizzie, born September 1885; Anna, born February 1887; Joseph, born February 1889; Charlotte, born May 1891; and, Wallie, born September 1893.

Germany. Immigrated before 1905.


The 1920 Illinois Soundex lists Benjamin Hulse age 48, born Germany. Wife Kata, age 43, born Illinois, and three children all born in Illinois, Lena, age 15; Herman, age 14; and Martin, age 9. The family was residing in Livingston County.

Prussia. Immigrated between 1850-1860.


Johann and Marie Schornak Huls came from Germany to Colorado County, Texas, somewhere between 1850 and 1860. They had eight children, Anna, born about 1858 in Prussia, died 27 October 1949, in LaGrange, Texas. She is buried in the Columbus Cemetary in Columbus, Texas. She married a Stolle; Minna, born about 1859, probably in Texas; Elsie, born about 1861 in Texas; Henriette, born about 1867 in Texas; Mary, born about 1869 in Colorado County, Texas, died 2 March 1967. Buried in the Burlington Cemetary in Burlington, Texas. She married Albert Chollett. They had six children; Emma, born about 1877 in Texas; Emelia, born 27 July 1881, in Texas. Died 8 March 1967, in Cuero, Texas. Buried 10 March 1967, in the Catholic Cemetary, Runge, Texas. She married 13 December 1898, Louis Sommer, born 6 July 1869, in Ellinger, Texas, died 26 September 1919, in Runge, Texas. He is buried with Emelia. (She is the great grandmother of this Clan's Recorder); Frederich, born about 1 August 1883, in Texas.


The recorder for this Clan is:
Bruce Straube

Immigrated before 1900


The 1920 Pennsylvania Soundex lists what are probably two brothers George W. Hulse and Samuel Hulse. They are both residing on Charles Street, Throop, Lackawanna Co., Pennsylvania. George W. Hulse age 57 (1863), born England. Wife Harriett S., age 57, also born England. With them is one grandson George S. Sims, age 10 (1910), born in Pennsylvania. Samuel Hulse, age 67 (1853), born England, with wife Cynthia, age 64, born Pennsylvania. Also in Throop on Murray St. is Sidney Hulse, age 7 (1913), born Pennsylvania. Listed as the stepson of William Drew. Sidney is presumed to be part of this family.

Immigrated around 1900


The 1920 Pennsylvania Soundex for Main Street, Corsica, Jefferson Co., lists Samuel Hulse, age 40 (1880), born England. His wife Vera (last name not given) is 26 (1894), born Pennsylvania. Four children are listed, all born in Pennsylvania. John, age 9 (1911); Herbert, age 5 (1915); William, age 2 (1918); and Charles, age seven months (1920).

England. Immigrated about 1877


First Generation


William was born 28 May 1856 in Derby, England, and died 2 August 1935 in Bradford, Pennsylvania. He was married 5 June 1884 in Bolevor, New York, to Clara M. Cook from Ontario, Canada. He taught school in New York state before moving to the Pennsylvania oil fields where he became a "ganger" for the Lydewater Pipe Co. Ten children are recorded: Frances E. (born 29 March 1885), Charles Ray (born 14 June 1887), Aris Florence (born 7 March 1891), Clarence M.(see below), Mildred Irene (born 2 August 1898), William H. (born 24 March 1886), Teresa May (born 17 May 1889), Ralph Bradley (born 30 August 1892), Clyde B. (born 14 June 1896), and Clara Marie (born 13 September 1901).


Second Generation


Nothing further, except birth dates, is known about any of the above children except for Clarence M., who was born 24 October 1893. in Indian Creek, Pennsylvania, and died 28 April 1970. in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. He married Myrtle A. McDonald on 17 November 1917, in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They had three children:


  1. William Clarence, born 15 July 1920, married Banner Houle;
  2. Mary Mildred, born 3 February 1922, Jenks, Oklahoma. She married Ernist Glenn Brown;
  3. Ruby Elaine, born 15 June 1926. She married 1st Richard Wendell White, 2nd J. B. Robinson, and 3rd Charles Jackson.

This family has no recorder and has been only partially traced.

England. Immigrated about 1856


First Generation


Nathaniel Thomas Hulse was born in 1837 in Greenwich, England to Nathaniel Thomas Hulse and Eliza Plant. He was a sailor, sailmaker and a rigger. He came to the US about 1856. He married Ellen Sheane on 24 Nov 1857 in Boston, MA. They had Nellie (1858-1858), Nathaniel Thomas (1860-1860), John (1862-1865) and Mary Elizabeth (1864 - ). She married a Mr. Hayes.


He served in the Civil War Navy in the Mississippi Squadron, and married Esther Walsh in Brooklyn, NY on 9 May 1868. Their children were: Harriet (1869-1919) married John Hock; William Joseph (1870-1870); Louise Elizabeth (1872-1942) married Cornelius Hopkins; William Joseph Francis (1874-1915); Esther (1876 - ) married Thomas Halpin; Eudora (1878 - ) married Herman Randall; Nathaniel Joseph Francis (1881-1942) married Mary Frances LaTournous. Information obtained from Civil War Pension Records and the LDS IGI Records.


The recorder for this Clan is:
Charlotte Hulse Kirchner
47534 Coldspring Place
Sterling, VA 20165

England. Immigrated before 1873.

The 1880 Missouri Soundex for Walnut, Adair Co. lists John Hulse, age 40 (1840), born England. Wife Cordelia, age 33 (1847), born Missouri, and three children (all born same state): Alfred, age 7 (Nov 1872), Amy, age 5 (1875), and Ada, age 1 (1879). The 1900 census for Adair shows Alfred, with wife Martha, born October 1877 in Missouri, and a son Buna, born September 1898 in Walnut Twp., Adair Co.

England. Immigrated around 1870.

The 1880 Missouri census for Hooker, LaClede Co., lists John Hulse, age 54 (1826), born England (as was his wife and first four children). Wife Mary, age 54 (1826), and possibly seven children: Albert, born March 1852 (see below); Will (see below); Rosa, age 23 (1857); Ella, age 17 (1863); Alfred, age 9 (1871 born Illinois); Mary O, age 3, (1877 born Illinois); and, Percy A., age 1, (1879 born Missouri). The 1880 Missouri Soundex for Campbell, Green Co., lists Will Hulse, age 25 (1855), born England, and wife Betty Kenner, age 22 (1858), born Tennessee. One child listed: Frank, age 2 (1878), born Missouri. Also in the same household is Robert Kenner, age 24 (1856), born Tennessee. As Will married Betty Kenner, 6 September 1876 in LaClade Co., Missouri. This very probably makes him another son of John Hulse, and is so listed as such. The 1900 census for Hooker Twp. lists Alfred with wife Rosa, born November 1856 (she and the two children born Missouri), and two children, Arthur, born December 1885; and, Zeala, born December 1893.

Prussia. Immigrated around 1864.


The 1880 Missouri Soundex for St. Louis, St. Louis Co., lists John Huls, age 41 (1839), born Brussels, Belgium. His wife is Anna, age 30 (1850), born Illinois. Six children are listed. The first two were born in Illinois, and the last four in Missouri. Lorenz, age 16 (1864), Anna, age 14 (1866), John, age 12 (1868), Henry, age 9 (1871), Herman, age 6 (1874), and Mary, age 3 (1877).


Anna is very probably John's second wife (she would have had to have been 14 when Lorenz was born) for in the same census the following step children are listed for him: Barbara (age 12), Leonard, (age 10), August, (age 6), and Theresa, (age 4), all bearing the surname Mayar. Also listed as a step child is Dora Wagener, age 2. One could then presume that Anna had been married twice before she married John.

Prussia. Immigrated between 1871 and 1873.


The 1880 Illinous Soundex for Galena, Joe Davies Co. lists Louis Hulse, age 39 (1841), born Prussia (Germany). His wife is given as Mary, age 38 (1842), born Prussia. Six children are listed of which the first three were born in Prussia and the last three in Galena, Illinois: Amelia, age 12 (1868), Charley, age 10 (1870), Frederick, age 9 (1871), Mene, age 7 (1873), Agnes, age 5 (1875), and Emma, age 2 (1878).

Germany. Immigrated before 1900.


Albert Hulse, age 25 (1875), born Germany, appeared in the 1900 census of Marshall Co., Kansas. Not recorded in which household he was residing.

England. Immigrated before 1900.


William Hulse, born December 1866, in England, is listed in the 1900 census for Kansas. No county or town recorded.

England. Immigrated 1866.


Edmund Hulse was born in England in the late 1700's, the son of Samuel Hulse. He was a railroader who eventually ended up in France in charge of the Paris-Rouen Railway. His son John Edge Hulse was born in 1818. He married Mary Wild on 24 June 1847, in Coppenhall, Cheshire, England. She was born in 1826 in Burslem, Straffordshire, England. With their family they came to American in the fall of 1866, and reportedly settled in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. Most of the descendants of this family have been traced only through John's son Edmund's second marriage (see 1900 census for Greene Co., Missouri), but there were three other sons (William, Albert, and Arthur Herbert) and two daughters (Lucy Evelyn, and Adelaide) that need tracing, as do three children (Albert, William, and Mary) by John's son Edmund's first marriage.


Contacts for this family are:
In the United States
Mrs. Wanda P. Davis
118 Enchanted Drive
Enchanted Oaks, Mabank, TX 75147


In England
Marcus Wild

Germany. Immigrated 1847.


From a letter written by Charlotte Huls. "My great-great-grandfather was Bernard Hultz. He brought his family over from Hanover, Germany, in 1847. I don't know anything about his family as far as brothers, sisters, parents and older generations. His wife died on the boat on the way to the U.S. I haven't found out exactly the date they landed, where or what boat yet. He had at least one son, Henry, with him, who was the first to use the name Huls. The family settled in Illinois. Bernard remarried either on the boat or shortly after arriving in the U.S. His new wife's name was Mary and I think her last name was Imholdt. I assume that it was a married name. She had a daughter... listed as Mary Imholdt on the Federal Census. There were three more children by this marriage (William, Elizabeth, and Joseph). My great-grandfather, Henry, headed for some rich Minnesota farmland and was stopped by a severe blizzard in Dorchester, Iowa. He settled there. He married Anna Engleken (born Germany) the daughter of Bernard Engelken and Mary G. Kupper (who had immigrated to America in 1854. Henry and Anna had five children, Mary Anna, Anna Margaret, Elizabeth Ann "Lizzie", Bernard Henry, and Margaret Agnes "Maggie". In 1880 Henry moved his family to St. Benedict, Nemah Co., Kansas. Mary married John Koelzer and moved to Texas. She had 13 children. Annie married George Koelzer and stayed in Kansas. She had five children before George died of blood poisoning. Lizzie married Phillip Ketter, Jr. and also stayed in Kansas. She also had about 13 children. Maggie married William Dick and also stayed in Kansas. They had two children, one who died in childhood. The other is 92 years old and is in a nursing home in Seneca, Kansas. (As of 1995).


Bernard was my grandfather. He married Ida Ketter, sister of Phillip, Jr. They took over the family farm. They had nine children. When the depression hit, hard times hit them. They moved for a short time to a new farm north of Baileyville, Kansas. About 1930 some of the family moved to Hartley, Texas. Ida died in Texas in 1939. Bernard and some of the adult children moved too Colorado. This is where my father Henry met my mother. They were married here and stayed here in Colorado.


Of the three children born of my great-great-grandfather's second marriage, I know of the youngest. His name was Joseph. He eventually moved to Ellinwood, Kansas where he married and had a number of children. (Leo N., Mary L., Alvena, Henry J., and Leona C."


Both families were in Allamakee, Iowa, in the 1880 census. Henry, Jr... "came to Kansas in 1882 to set up his family on a Kansas farm of his own. He bought 160 acres of prairie land, which his son Bernard Huls now owns. He paid $800 for this land, which required considerable working before it was a good farm. Henry Hulse was a man who loved to work. He steadily improved his farm and increased its yield. By the time he died in 1910, his place was a model farm and his neighbors looked to it for ideas with which to improve their own farms. Mr. Huls was possessed of the German thrift and that, in a large measure, accounts for his success. Mrs. Hulse died January 8, 1916, at the home of her son, Bernard, aged 68 years." (History of Nemah County, page 596, pub 1916). Henry, Jr. and Anna had five children, 1) Mary, who married John P. Koelzer; 2) Anna, who married George Koelzer; 3) Elizabeth, who married Phillip Ketter (brother to Ida); 4) Bernard Henry, who married Ida Ketter (sister to Phillip); and 5) Margaret, who married William Dick.


Bernard was born 20 April 1878 in Allamakee Co., Iowa, and ..."spent his boyhood on his father's Nemaha County farm, plowing, doing chores and going to school. He attended the parochial schools at St. Benedict, and at the age of 21 he rented land from his father and set out to farm for himself. Bernard put graded stock on his farm and takes pride in his fine animals. He has modern improvements on his place and is always on the lookout for new time-saving devices, such as gang tractor plows, operated by motor, and other modern farm machinery. Since the death of his father, Bernard has owned the old home place, consisting of 200 acres, which he bought from his father's estate. Fifty acres of this he keeps in corn. Since his boyhood days he has operated a threshing outfit, beginning with an old horsepower machine, and now using a modern thresher. He was married to Ida Ketter in 1899. To this union were born seven children: William, Theresa, Anna, Leo, John, Agelbertha and Henry, all living with their parents. Mrs. Huls was born October 29, 1877, in Wisconsin, and came to Kansas when two-years-old with her parents, Philip and Elizabeth Ketter, who located in Nemaha county as pioneers. "Mr. Hulse (Bernard) is a member of the Catholic church, having been brought up in that faith. He votes the Democratic ticket ordinarily, although he is always ready to cast his vote for the best man, regardless of party affiliations. Mr. Hulse belongs to the Knights of Columbus and to the Farmers Union. He is interested in public affairs and takes pride in doing his share toward the preservation of good government." ("History of Nemaha County" page 596).


The recorder for this Clan is:
Cheri Huls


England. Immigrated in 1882.


Samuel Hulse was a native of Audley, Straffordshire, England. He was born March 22, 1852. He married in England in about 1871, Elizabeth Barlow, born in Weston, Cheshire, England, daughter of Joseph and Martha Barlow. They had 14 children of which only one, Edgar, had survived by the time of the writing of the following article in 1914. Probably all, but Edgar and Mary Elizabeth, had died, either at childbirth, or relatively young. 1) Edgar who married Elizabeth Freeland; 2) Mary Elizabeth who married James Phillips, of Throop, Pennsylvania (they had Charlotte, deceased, and Frances, married William Cullen); 3) Wilmont, 4) Edna, 5) Albert, 6) Ezra, and eight others not named.


Per the attached article it appears that Samuel had a brother who came over before him. The article did not mention the name.


The following is quoted from "Scranton and Bouroughs of Lackawanna County", Vol. 2. By John P. Downs. Published 1914.


"Until he (Samuel Hulse) was fourteen years of age he was a student in the public schools of his birthplace, at that age obtaining employment upon a farm. He was a youth of but nineteen years when he was married, and resided in England until 1882, engaging in agricultural operations, then immigrating to the United States, his wife and three children joining him six months later. Upon arrival in this country, Mr. Hulse went to Trenton, New Jersey, where a brother secured him an excellent opening with authority over a section of six or seven persons, but after three months dissatisfaction led him to resign his position. He came at once to Scranton, Pennsylvania, and almost immediately after his arrival became acquainted with J. S. Farringer, superintendent of the Rough and Ready Mines, now owned by the Scranton Coal Company....In 1891 he resigned his poisiton and purchasing some horses he began general contracting and teaming, his work including the digging of cellars, grading of streets, and hauling of all kinds, while a source of large profit was a gravel pit and sand bank that he owned in the vicinity. His teams were also used in the fulfillment of his contract to carry mail between Scranton, Throop and Marshwood, and in the cutting of ice on the Deleware and Hudson ice pond. Mr. Hulse became a dealer in this commodity, frequently being busied with as many as fifty-three teams. Etc."

England. Immigrated before 1838.


William Hulse emigrated from England to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He declares his oath of alligiance on the 9th of April 1838, and receives his naturalization papers. (Court of Common Pleas, 1793-1880.) U.S. Works Projects Administration - Index to Records of Aliens' Declarations of Intention and Oaths of Allegiance 1789-1800 in U.S. Circuit Court, Philadelphia. 11 Vols. Compiled by W.P.A. Project Number: 20837. Sponsored by Penna. Historical Commission. Vol. 5: Letter H: page 296.

unknown. Immigrated 1850.


G. W. Hulse emigrated from Panama by steamer "Gold Hunter" under Capt. Kenney Couillard. They left Panama on 7 April 1850 and arrived in San Francisco, California on 29 April 1850. G. W. Hulse listed as passenger. See "San Francisco Ship Passenger Lists", Vol. 1, by Louis J. Rasmussen. It has not been proven that G. W. was an immigrant, or just one of the many Americans who traveled west at that time in search of gold, and used the sea route via Panama. Does anyone have a G. W. (George Washington ?) in their family who went west at this time?

England. Immigrated 1875.


Charles Hulse, age 41 (1834), merchant, emigrated from England, arriving in New York City 13 February 1875, via the "RMS Abyssinia." Point of departure Liverpool, England, See New York Ship Passenger List, 1875.

Germany. Immigrated before 1872.


Heinrich Hulse emigrated from Germany to America. He received his naturalization papers in Calumet County, Wisconsin in 1872. No furher information. From an article by John M. Irvin that appeared in the Wisconsin State Genealogical Society Newsletter, September 1984, Vol. 31:2, page 95.

unknown. Immigrated 1849.


John Hulse emigrated to Galveston, Texas in 1849. Point of origin unknown. From "Ships Passenger Lists Port of Galveston, Texas (1846-1871)", by S.C. Easlem, page 28. It is not certain that John did not tranship from some other place in the U.S., being from an already established American family.

unknown. Immigrated before 1887.


John Hulse received naturalization papers in 1887 of Allegheny Co., Penna., page 43, Book Western Penna. Genealogical Society, Pittsburg. "A List of Immigrants who Applied for Naturalization Papers in District Courts of Allegheny County, Penna." Vol. 6, 1881-1891. (1981)

Germany. Immigrated before 1862.


Christian Hulse emigrated from Germany to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. On 11 October 1862, he appears with naturalization papers, declaring on intention and oath of allegiance. From the records in the Prothonotary's Office of the Court of Common Pleas (1793-1880). U.S. Works Projects Administration - Index to Records of Aliens' Declarations of Intention and Oaths of Allegiance 1789-1800 in U.S. Circuit Court, Philadelphia. 11 Vols. Compiled by W.P.A. Project Number: 20837. Sponsored by Penna. Historical Commission. Vol. 5: Letter H: page 296.

England. Immigrated 1843.


Charles Hulse emigrated to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, from Great Britain on the 27th of September 1843. He declares his oath of allegiance on the 3rd of October 1856, and received his naturalization papers. From the records in the Prothonotary's Office of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania (1842-1868.) U.S. Works Projects Administration - Index to Records of Aliens' Declarations of Intention and Oaths of Allegiance 1789-1800 in U.S. Circuit Court, Philadelphia. 11 Vols. Compiled by W.P.A. Project Number: 20837. Sponsored by Penna. Historical Commission. Vol. 5: Letter H: page 296.

England. Immigrated 1852.


Charles Hulse emigrated from England to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on the 4th of August 1852. His declaration of intention and oath of allegiance was received on the 5th of November 1860, on which he received his naturalization papers. From the Records of the Prothonotary's Office of the Court of Common Pleas (1793-1880.) U.S. Works Projects Administration - Index to Records of Aliens' Declarations of Intention and Oaths of Allegiance 1789-1800 in U.S. Circuit Court, Philadelphia. 11 Vols. Compiled by W.P.A. Project Number: 20837. Sponsored by Pennsylvania Historical Commission. Vol. 5: Letter H: page 296.

unknown. Immigrated before 1767.


From the "Gleanings from Maryland Newspapers (1727-1775)", published in 1976 by Robert W. Barnes. Page 31, published in Lutherville, Maryland, a Richard Hulse receives naturalization record in 1767.

Germany? Immigrated about 1750.


John Hulse immigrated to Virginia about 1750, probably from Germany (per John Slayton.) Has several land deeds in Berkley County, Virginia, in 1763, 1765, etc. No further information. This may be the same as the John Huls of Clan "YP" above.

Bavaria. Immigrated 1835.


Abolona Huls (female), age 44 (1791) with seven children, immigrated from Bavaria, Germany, to New York on the ship "Albany" in September of 1835: Eva, age 20 (1815); Jacob, age 15 (1820); Abolona, female age 13 (1822); Magda, female age 11 (1824); Hy, male age 9 (1826); Phillip, age 6 (1829); and Daniel, age 4 (1831). From New York Passenger Lists.

Germany. Immigrated 1820.


Catherine Huls, age 22 (1798), and either her husband, or a younger brother, listed only as M. Hulse, age 17 (1803), immigrated from Harve, Germany, to New York in August 1820.

England. Immigrated probably after 1900.


First Generation

Arthur Hulse was born about 1894 in Middlewich, England, and died 31 October 1976 in Nashua, New Hampshire. He married Ina (last name unknown) who was also born in England. Their children are listed as Herbert M., Arthur Jr., Albert W., Harold V., John R., and Louise F. Ina's obituary mentioned many grandchildren and great grand children.


Second Generation


Practically nothing is known about this family. Arthur, Jr., married Gertrude Doyl and had sons Stephen, Richard, and Kevin Doyl; Albert is supposed to have had two children: Albert W. Jr., and Donald A.; John R., who died in the 1980's, had been married to Georgia (Maurer) Sutter; and Louise F., who married a (first name unknown) Kent.


This family has not been properly traced and has no family recorder.

England. Immigrated about 1852.


According to the census records, Robert was born about 1823 in England, and married Eliza J. (last name unknown, born 1824 in Ireland.) Their first two children, Hannah (1844), and Richard (1847) were born in Ireland. Their next child, Samuel (1852) was born in New York, and their last child (as of 1860) was Eliza (1858) born in Iowa. With them in the 1860 Highlandville, Winnesheik Co., Iowa census, page 320, was Samuel Drake, age 75 (1785), born in Ireland. He could have been Eliza J.'s father.

Germany. Immigrated before 1850.


According to census records, Charles was born 1827 in Germany. He was listed as a baker in the Ward 11 Cincinnati, Ohio 1850 Census. At the time of the census he was living in the household of Henry Mach. No family shown. No further information.

England. Immigrated before 1850.


Charles Hulse, Sr., born Staffordshire, England 28 June 1810, died 21 August 1880. Buried in Owen Creek Church cemetery, about 25 miles north east of Louiville, Kentucky, on Highway #62. (This is an Indiana State highway which runs from Louiville, through Charlestown, Indiana, and further East). His wife was Jane (last name unknown), born in England 14 May 1810, died 3 January 1888. Buried with her husband. They had two sons, 1) Charles Hulse, Jr., born 20 December 1837, died 1 January 1907, married Frances I. (last name unknown) born 22 May 1854, in Indiana, and died 2 June 1922. Both buried with his parents. 2) George Hulse, born 27 November 1839, England, and died 16 Jan 1859. His name is also on a tombstone in the above cemetery, so may have died in Charlestown, without marrying (age 20), and without issue. Charles Sr., and his two sons are listed in the 1850 census of Charlestown Twp., Clark Co., Indiana. Charles Senior's wife was not listed. Charles, Jr., and Frances were later listed in the 1900 Illinois census Soundex for Oregon Twp., Clark Co. (a small village north of Charlestown). They had one daughter listed, Anna G., born December 1888, Indiana. Need to check to see if they had any more children. If not this family's male line has died out.


This family is the one listed in the book "The Famine Immigrants -- Irish Immigrants arriving at Port of New York" published by Genealogical Pub. Co. 1984, Baltimore," page 511, ship "Humphrey" from Liverpool, England 20 Aug 1849. They were not Irish, as census records, and tombstone records all state "born in England."

England. Immigrated before 1750.


Randall was reported in Baltimore, Maryland as early as 1750 when he began practice as a civil surgeon. He reportedly returned to England about 1782. He may have been married to an Elizabeth (last name unknown) as both witnessed the will of Benjamin Denny of Baltimore County on 10 November 1770. He was listed as a creditor to the will of William Black 18 March 1775, and creditor to the will of Samuel Owings, Sr., 8 May 1776. No record of any children. No further information.

England. Transported 1766.


From "The Complete Book of Emigrants in Bondage, 1614-1775" by Peter Wilson Coldham, published by Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, Maryland (1988): Vol. 9, page 9. Samuel Hulse of Leicestershire, England, was sentenced to be transported to the American colonies for a period of seven years, unless otherwise stated. Date of the Session at which the trial took place - Lent (March) 1766.. Under Transportation Bond to Virginia April 1766. "Bonded Passengers to America", Vol IX, Midland Circuit, 1671-1775.


Samuel was transported from Baltimore, Maryland, to Virginia in April 1766. On 4 August 1779, Samuel married Margaret Knight in the Luthern Church, Frederick, Maryland. Next he appears in the 1787 census of Personal Property Tax, Trurd Parish, Fairfax, Virginia. Children and death date not known.


There is a possibility that John Richardson Hulse (Family Unit #35), born 1789/90, was a son, as John's first son was named Samuel D. Hulse.

Germany. Immigrated about 1840.


From census records, John was born in Germany about 1806. Married Therese (last name unknown, born 1806 Germany). John came to American about 1840 as all of his children except the oldest were born in Ohio. Children recorded were John (1829), Henry (1841), Catharine (1843), Philomena (1846), and Caroline (1850). Family was listed in Ward 1 Cincinnati, Ohio 1850 Census. John as "merchant" and John "Jr" as "finisher". The difference in ages between John, Jr. and Henry (born 1829 and 1841 respectively) raises question as to relationship. It may be that John Sr. had married earlier, and John Jr. was a child by his first wife.

Immigrated in 1935.


Wilfred Cohn Hulse, born Manslau, Germany, May 21, 1900, son of Eugene Cohn Hulse, and Josephine (Hulse) Hulse. School at Manslau and Breslau, Germany. Left Germany in 1933, Paris until 1935, (also in Tunis, Tunisia a short time during this interval). Psychiatrist, came to U.S. in 1935, citizenship in 1941. "He was of the Jewish faith". He married in Berlin, Germany, 23 March 1929, to Ilse, daughter of Ernst Florsheim, also a psychiatrist, and had a daughter Irene.

England. Immigrated after 1866.


John was born in England on 14 September 1850. Reportedly came to America with his parents twice (their names not mentioned). The first trip over was when John was one year old. They remained here for one year and then returned home. In 1866 he came a few weeks ahead of his parents and they settled in Greene Co., Missouri. He lived with his parents until he was twenty-five years old. He was married on 5 April 1875 to Parilee Huff. After his marriage he began farming, and continued until 1879, when he commenced to "fire" on an engine of the "Frisco" Line and is still so engaged. He is a member of 'Frisco Lodge No. 81, Brotherhood of Locomotive Firement, and is secretary of that lodge. (From the "History of Greene Co., Missouri", published 1883, page 859). Two children: Ethie and Hugh. We need to check the 1870 census records to find out the name of his parents.

CLAN "ZJ" - CHRIS. (Christopher ?) HULSE.
Ireland? Imm. 1849.


Chris. (per records) was born about 1822. He immigrated in 1849 (age 27) with his wife Ann (last name unknown, age 23), and two children, Henry, age 3 (1846), and Mgt. (Margaret ?), infant. From "The Famine Immigrants -- Irish Immigrants arriving at Port of New York" published by Genealogical Pub. Co. 1984, Baltimore. Page 362, Ship "Caroline" from Liverpool, England, 2 July 1849.

Germany. Immigrated 1817.


First Generation


Jacob Hulses was born about 1795 in Freiberg, Baden, Germany, and died in 1861 in Bonanza, Caldwell Co., Missouri. He was married to Forena Broanbeard. Only one child reported: Samuel.


Second Generation


Samuel Hulses, was born in 1825 in Richland Co., Ohio. He married twice (both times in Ohio), in 1847 to Finnetta Phillips, and the second time (about 1853) to Urettia Phillips. There were ten children by both marriages: Phebe, Urettia A., and Hannah F. by the first marriage; and Jacob E., Finetta J., George J., Margaret E., Annie E., Martha E., and Stonewall, by the second.

From the "History of Caldwell Co., Missouri," pub by National Historical Co., St. Louis (1886), page 463, there is an article on Samuel Hulses, of which the following is extracted. "The parents of Mr. Hulses were both originally from Freiberg, Baden, Germany, where they were reared and married. His father, Jacob Hulses, worked at cabinet making until 1817, when he emigrated with his family to the United States, landing at New Castle in the spring of the following year. For about six years they resided in Pennsylvania and then went to Richland County, Ohio. In 1838 he became a citizen of Caldwell County and settled on the farm now owned by Mr. Algernon Wingate, of this township, purchasing about 200 acres of land. A portion of this tract is the present site of the village of Bonanza. This place had upon it three cabins, but little clearing. This afterwards continued to be the home of Mr. Hulses and here he reared his family in comfort, if not in luxury. His death took place in 1861, and his wife, whose maiden name was Forena Broanbeard, died in 1840. Samuel Hulses, born in Richland County, Ohio in 1825, was reared upon a farm, but was denied the advantages of more than a limited education. For the most part he has followed farming through life, although he has worked some at the stonemason's trade; and being handy with tools, has frequently turned his attention to some things in the line of a mechanic. With the exception of five years spent in the West he has lived in this county since the time he was brought here. His farm contains 150 acres, and he gives some attention to the raising of stock. Thomas Phillips, the father of Mrs. Hulses, was born in Saratoga, New York in 1795. No further information available.

England. Immigrated before 1888.


1900 census for Sugar Creek Twp., Randolph Co., Missouri, listed John E. Hulse, born October 1858 in England, wife Susie A., born September 1866, in Iowa, and two children: Ellison M., born February 1888, in Colorado; and, Anna A., born October 1895, in Missouri.

England. Immigrated about 1900.


Stephen was born in 1855, in Cheshire, England. He married Merion Hunter, born 1860 in Glasgow, Scotland. One son only recorded, Edwin Albert Hulse, born 23 April 1880, married Nellie Amelia Burns, and is presumed to be the one that came to the United States. His son, Robert Edwin, who married Helen Louise Kenny, was born 5 June 1905 in Trenton, New Jersey. Robert and Helen had only one child (a son): Robert Douglas, born 16 August 1943 in Niagara Falls, New York. Robert D. married 20 August 1966, in New York City, to Nancy Louise Musser. She was born 16 September 1943, in Trenton, New Jersey. They divorced in 1986. There are two children from this marriage, Anne Warren Hulse (born August 19, 1972) and Robert Alexander Hulse (born April 10, 1974). Robert then married Karen Alice Karlberg, December 31, 1987, in Princeton, NJ.


The recorder for this Clan is:
R. Douglas Hulse

Germany. Immigrated 1839.


W. Hulse, age 28 (1811), his wife Maria, age 31 (1808), and a son listed only as F. Hulse, immigrated from Germany to New York, September 1839, on the ship "Brittania." W. Hulse listed as "merchant." Code A8766. New York Passenger Lists. The first names of the father and son are not known.

England. Immigrated 1842.


Isaac Hulse, age 48 (1794), listed as "farmer", immigrated from England to New York, on 29 January 1842, aboard the ship "Garrick." Code AB 919. New York Passenger List.

Honduras. Immigrated 1827.


W.S. Hulse (male, name not recorded), age 30 (1797), immigrated from Honduras to New York on 30 June 1827. Code P24. New York Passenger List.

England. Immigrated 1833.


Nathan Hulse, age 38 (1795), listed as "merchant", immigrated from England to New York, on 31 July 1833, aboard the schooner "Pocohontas". Code A4727. New York Passenger List.

England. Immigrated 1840.


W. Hulse (name not recorded), age 28 (1812), listed as "farmer", immigrated from England to New York, on September 1840, aboard the ship "Scotland." Code A9725. New York Passenger List.

CLAN "ZS" - (miss) HULS.
Westphalia. Immigrated before 1846.


The 1846 naturalization record of a Miss Hulse from Westphalia, Prussia is shown in the following book on page 205. (Her first name, age, and where she immigrated to is not known.) "Westfalische Auswander im 19. Jahrhundert - Auswanderung aus dem Regierungsbezirk Munster." Part 1 (1803-1850), by Friedrich Mueller, published by Beitrage zur Westfalischen Familien Forschung, 22-24 (1964-1966.)

Westphalia. Immigrated before 1842.


The 1842 naturalization record of Adelheid Huls from Westphalia, Prussia is shown in the above book on page 114. Age and port of immigration is not known.

Westphalia. Immigrated before 1845.


The 1845 application for naturalization of Johan Bern Huls, his wife Aleida Telake Huls, and their son Johan Heinrich Huls, all from Westphalia, Prussia, is recorded in the above book on page 154. Age of the three and their port of immigration is not known.

Westphalia. Immigrated before 1849.


The 1849 naturalization of Catherine Elis Huls from Westphalia, Pussia is shown in the above book on page 256. Her age and port of immigration is not known.

Westphalia. Immigrated before 1837.

The 1837 naturalization of Franz Hulse with his wife Therese Hermes, and daughter Sophie. all from Westphalia, Prussia, is shown in the above book on page 86 of the above book. Ages and port of immigration is not known.

Westphalia. Immigrated before 1849.

The 1849 naturalization record of Heinrich Huls, wife Johanna Spieker, and sons Johan and Jos Heinrich, all from Westphalia, Prussia, is shown in the above book on page 335. Ages of the family and port of immigration is not known.

Westphalia. Immigrated before 1834.

Joseph Huls, age 42 (1792), with wife Therese Vogt, age 42 (1792), and son Johan, age 9 months (1834), all from Westphalia, Prussia, naturalized in 1834 in Jamaica, New York. This is shown in the above book, Vol. 38/39 (1980-1981) on page 190.

unknown. Immigrated 1851.

Naturalization papers for Dewitt Hulse was obtained in San Franciscon, California in 1851. Age and country of origin not known. They are recorded in "San Francisco Ship Passenger Lists", Vol. 2, by Louis J. Rasmussen, Colma, California, San Francisco Historical Records, 1969.