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These names are included for informational purposes only. From what little we know about them it seems that none of them may have switched their names to Hulse, or Huls, except through spelling error by a recorder. On the other hand we know so little about them that they are listed here for comparison purposes. It may be that one of our present un-placed families descend from one of these immigrants, and we have already found one example where the Halsey and the Richard Clans have claimed the same family. While I am not suggesting that we track each of these down, it would be prudent, however, to know as much about their earlier generations so that we can keep them separate from our own of the same period.


    From William V. H. Barker's "Early Families of Herkimer County New York - Descendants of the Burnetsfield Palatines," on page 133 begins the listings of the descendants of Christofel Hilts. They had children: Johann, George, Elizabeth, Dorothy, Maria (possibly died young), Maria, Philip, Catherine, and one child born in 1764 who died three days later. His son George (using the surname Hults), was born about 1700, and married Mary Elizabeth Feller. Only one child is recorded: John Nicholas Hults, who was born in 1733, at Little Falls, Herkimer Co., New York, and was married in 1760 to Elizabeth Fox. As we have presently no record of the surname changing to Hulse the family was not traced further.

    The recorder for this family is:
    Ronald L. Roberts

    The following is quoted from his letter: "As far as I know, the name has been in a state of flux for over 200 years. Almost from the time of its arrival in America, the surname has appeared in over a dozen forms. As you know, my ancestor was, Christopher Hilts. His name has appeared in various records as: Kristoffel Hilsch (German records), Christoph Huls (in America), Christ. Hills (a soldier in America), and Christoph Huitz (1716/1717 Register.) Christopher Hilts' son, Johan George, also went by a variety of surnames: Hielts, Hitts, Hils, Hiltz, and Hilts. Another of Christopher's sons (Johann Nicolas), used the surname Hultz. My great great grandmother, Mandana M. (Hiltz) Roberts, went by Hiltz. Her father (John Hilts) preferred Hilts. So as you can see, there has never been a single, universally used surname in the family. From what I have been able to gather, most of the people in my great great grandmother's generation, used - Hilts."

    Born about 1591 in Greatgaddesden, Hertfordshire, England. He was living in Naples (Mass?) in 1621; then in Lynn, Mass. about 1637, and came to Southampton, Long Island, New York, in 1640. He died in 1678/9 at Southampton. He married twice. (His first wife, whose name is unknown, was reportedly murdered by Indians.) Two sons by his first wife were Thomas (who built the house called "Hollyhocks" at Southamption about 1660), and Isaac. Thomas, Sr. married second, 25 July 1660, Anne, the widow of Edward Johnes. This family is not traced to any degree as all are presumed to still bear the name Halsey.

    Born about 1780 in Devonshire, England. "Emigrated to American in 1818, landing at Philadelphia after a voyage of nearly three months. In 1819 he came to Neville, and the following year moved to Tate (both in Clermont Co., Ohio), to the farm now owned by their son William. He was a carpenter by trade, and helped finish the first brick buildings in Felicity and devoted his earnings to the purchase of land; became a large real estate owner. He divided his land among his son William, his grandson George W. Halse, and his three daughters, Mrs. Aaron Kennedy, Mrs. William S. Beck, and Mrs. J. M. Beck. He died in 1865 in his 85th year, greatly respected for his many good qualities." From the History of Clermont Co., Ohio by Everts, 1880, page 317, Tate Twp. See also "Clermont and Brown Counties" by Byron Williams, page 744, published 1913. The latter contains an extensive biography of the grandson George Washington Halse. William Halse was born in Tate Twp. 26 August 1824 and died 22 June 1904. His wife was Margaret Lucetta Bredwell. They had the following children: George Washington who married Adeline Trunkey Evans; Sarah Catherine who married William A. Aultman; Thomas Lewis; and Mary Ann.

    In the 1820 census of Tate Twp., 1 male 26-45, 1 female 26-45, 3 females under 10. See also 1850 Ross Twp. Wife possibly Sarah (last name unknown, born 1793 in New Jersey.

    Emigrated from Vlissingen, Zeeland, Holland. Married 19 April 1679 in Flatbush, New York to Maria Willemse Bennet of Gowanus. Issue Cornelis, Lysbeth, Abraham, Isaac, and Jan. All born between 1681 and 1704 in New York (probably in Brooklyn.) After his death (sometime before 1704) Maria married again, about 1705, to Jacobus Dooren/Van Dorn of Freehold, New Jersey. It is possible that her children went with her to New Jersey and also quite possible that they all may have dropped the prefix VER as Dr. Nelson Powell Hulst, a Wisconsin pioneer mining engineer claimed descent. Have not been able to trace this line any further.

    From page 100 of Michael Tepper's "Passengers to America", passengers for Virginia, July 1635. "These underwritten names are to be transported to Virginia embarqued in the "Assurance de Lo": Richard Halsey age 13.


    From page 26 of Michael Tepper's "Passengers to America", 6 May 1635 transported to New England in the "Elizabeth and Ann": Joseph Halsey age 24.

    Possible immigrant ancestor was Peter Hudsey, brought to the colonies by Mr. Parker, or Packer, before 1634. Name has been found as Huddlecey, Huddsey, Huddesy, Hulsey, Huddlesly, Heelsey, Hedsey, Holsey, and (believe it or not) Ulcey. Except for some variations the name seemed to standardize at Hulsey around 1800. Not to be confused with the Halsey family of Long Island, or two other known English Halsey immigrants. Mrs. Pat Keene, 324 Washingtonia Dr., San Marcos, CA 92069, would appreciate being advised if anyone runs across any of the above variations. Please, however, use the "rule of three" before doing so. If you find the same people also using the spelling Hulse (or a variation) in two different records they are probably caused by a writing error and not a true Hulsey.

    was naturalized in Philadelphia, 10 April 1772.

    Born 1827 in Germany. Married an Eliza (last name unknown). John listed as a laborer in the 1850 census of Bushwick, Kings Co., New York. His age was given as 23 and hers as 31. No children reported.

    (Presumed immigrant.) In a compilation by F. Edward Wright, "Maryland Eastern Shore Vital Records, 1648-1725", published by Family Line Publications, Silver Springs, Maryland in 1982, comes the following: Kent Co., Maryland Court Depositions - 2 November 1670, Abraham Holse, age 23 (1647).

    and Frederiika Carolina Feust baptized Geslna Carolina 17 July 1853 at Richmond, Staten Island, in the New Dorp Moravian Church. (Possibly not an immigrant but the name listed here for information only.)

    married Karolina Schmidt 22 Feb 1887 in New York City. (Possibly not an immigrant but the name listed here for information only.)

  13. RICHARD HULLS, from Buckinghamshire, England. Transported October 1739 aboard the "Duke of Cumberland." Destination not given. Stanley Ross suggested that Richard might belong to FU#105 as when Henry Hulse, the oldest known ancestor of that family, died in 1810 he signed his names Hulls and his family claims English ancestry.

    Born 1823 in Ireland. Married to Mary (last name unknown, born 1823 in Ireland.) Two children, William born 1845, and Ann born 1849, both in Williamsburg, Kings Co., New York, 1850 census. Henry listed as laborer.

    Born in Germany in 1816. Married Jessey (last name unknown). Came to America about 1840 as their children Jane and Henry were born in Ohio. Family was listed in Ward 3 Cincinnati, Ohio 1850 Census. Henry Sr. listed as Laborer. Family possibly left Germany prior to the German Revolution of 1846.

  16. LAMMERT JAN HULST (The Rev.).
    Born about 1825 in Holland. Died after 1915 in Ottawa Co., Michigan. Married Aebeltje Hellenga. Six children are suggested but only two sons are known. Dr. Henry Hulst, born 1859 in Holland and married in 1889 at Grand Rapids, Michigan, to Cornelia Stetekee; and a second son John of whom nothing is known.

    Born about 1832 in England, was listed in the 1880 census of Winneshiek, Iowa. No family given though the 1900 census lists a Lewis Halse, born November 1870 in England, and an older woman Caroline, born 1840 in England (his mother ?) Also listed, but not named, was a child born in England, and one born in Iowa. Could Lewis, Jr. have followed his father to Iowa, bringing his mother with him?

    Born about 1844 in Mecklenberg, Germany. He was listed with his wife Mary, age 31, (also born in Mecklenberg) in the 1880 census of Benton, Iowa. Four children are indicated (names not given); two born in Illinois, and two in Iowa.


    Born about 1845 in Bremen, Germany, appears in the 1870 census of Humboldt Twp., Allen Co., Kansas. No further information.


    Born about 1840 in Mecklenburg, Germany, appears with his family in the 1870 census of Potawatomi Twp., Coffey Co., Kansas. With him was his wife, Margaret, age 29 (1841), born Ohio; son Louis, age 3 (1867), born Kansas; and son George, age six months, (1870), also born Kansas.

    Born in the area of Reichenbach, Silesia (now Dzierzoniow, Poland.) Reported to have left a wife and children in Silesia. Immigrated to the United States around 1886, and married here in 1893, in Buffalo, New York, to Bertha Kinder. His mother also immigrated, but it is not certain if his father came or not. Family legend has it that Johann had a brother who also immigrated and went West.


    Born Germany 1825, reported as a tailor, age 45, in the Dubuque, Iowa census of 1870. (Ward 2, page 114.) With his was his wife Henrietta, age 31 (1839), born Saxony, and two children Heinrick, age 4 (1866), and Ernest, age 2 (1868), both born in Iowa.


    From "Ship Lists New York and New Jersey 1600-1825" by Carl Boyer, 3rd comes the following entry. March 15, 1663. In De Rooseboom (The Rosetree), Captain Pieter Reyersz Van der Beets. Barent Holst, from Hamburg.


    immigrated from Dusseldorf, Germany around 1880. He was born about 1847, and died 21 April 1900 in Depue, Bureau Co., Illinois. His wife was Alpha/Alfa, or Anna. They had ten children of which the first three were born in Dusseldorf, and the last seven in Depue. He had four sons who grew to manhood and three of which we have a record of marriage; Charles Fredrick, Henry Herbert, Bennard (or Ben); and Herman.