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(Up-dated December 1994)


The following is a draft of what is presently known about those Hulse ancestors who were credited with Revolutionary War service, or were spouses of veterans. Considering the number of the various Hulse Clans or Family Units alive around that time, I find it hard to believe that this list is complete. I am not at all happy with some of the information that has been gathered. If anyone can add, or correct the information, please do so. Where known, Clan, Family Unit, or Miscellaneous Identity (HUMS) numbers, have also been included.

01 Anna Dorthea Huls NY John Joost Warner
02 Anna Hulse NY David Overton
03 Barbara Hulst NY Johannes Rosecrans
04 Benjamin Hulse  NY Abigail (Everson ?)
05 Benjamin Hulsart   NJ wife of children unknown
06 Cornelius Hulsart   NJ Sarah Selovers ?
07 Cornelius H. Hulshart NJ Sarah Mash/Marsh ?
08 Daniel Hulse NY Dinah (lnu) ?
09 David Hulse NY Mary Jones
10 Elisha Hulce, Sr. NY Elizabeth (lnu)
11 Elizabeth (lnu) Hulse VA Josiah Hulse
12 Gilbert Hulse NY Charity Overton
13 Henry Huls/Hulse PA wife of children unknown
14 Isaac Huls NY no information
15 Jacob Hulse/Hulce NY Rebecca Van Tassel
16 James Huls/Huse CT no information
17 James/Jacques Hulsart NJ Rachel Gibbons ?
18 James Hulse VA Margaret "Peggy" Henry
19 James Hulse NY Mary Arnot
20 James Pearle Huls/Hulse VA Martha Munday
21 Jane Hulshart (Mrs.) NJ Jacob Lane
22 Jerusha Hulse NY Joseph Raynor
23 Joanna (Nancy ?) Hulse NY Jared Wooley
24 John Hulse/Hulce NY Abigail Williams
25 John/Johannes Hulst/Hulsart NJ Mary Polhemus
26 John Hulshart/Hulse NJ Margaret Halfpenny
27 Jonah Hulse NY 1st Joanna Raynor/2nd unknown
28 Joseph Hulse PA Siche (Hoagland ?)
29 Joshua Hulse NY Rachel Tuthill
30 Mary Hulze/Hulse NY Elisha Eldred
31 Mathew/Matthias Hulse/Holsaert NJ Elizabeth Tuys/Tyse 
32 Matthias "Tise" ? Hulsart NJ no information
33 Paul Hulse NY Esther Mapes/Mary Fisher
35 Peter Hulst/Holst/Hulse NY Antje/Ann Luister/Luyster
36 Richard Hulse PA Mary (lnu)
37 Sarah VA Josiah Crawford
38 Sarah Hulse NY John Wood
39 Silas Hulse NY Elizabeth/Margaret Brown
40 Susanna Hulse VA Thomas C. Shepherd II
41 Tabatha Hulse NY Israel Howell, Jr.
42 Timothy Hulse NJ no information
43 William Hulse VA Elizabeth Brown
44 William Hulse/Holsaert NJ Margaret Sutphen
45 William Pearle Hultz/Hulse VA Nellie Howard ?
46 William Hulsart NJ Sarah Forman ?
47 William Huls NJ no information
48-49 Stephen Hulse/Hults NY Anna (Nancy) Lockwood
50 Aaltie Holsaart NY Adolphus Brower


a. Jennings Hulsey

b. James Hulsey

c. Jesse Hulsey







a. John Hull(s)

b. Solomon Hulls

c. Sarah Hulls

d. Catherine Hult

e. Christina Hultz

f. Sarah Hultzin









Joseph Newton

French Army John Hagey

Christian Hisey

Adam Smith

The following source abbreviations were used:

PI66 DAR Patriot Index (1966)
PI79 DAR Patriot Index Vol. II (1979)
PI86 DAR Patriot Index Vol. III (1986) Index to Patriot
HMOC From Edwin Slater's "A History of Monmouth & Ocean Counties" (published 1870 at Bayonne, New Jersey, by E. Gardner & Son).
ROMR Additional names have been extracted from a list of officers and privates of Old Monmouth, as stated in General Stryker's Reports of Officers and Men of the Revolution.
APBM From "American Prisoners Taken at the Battle of Navesink, 1777" by Edward J. Raser (see Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey, Vol. 25, Nr. 2, May 1870).
GHPF Granvyl Hulse's personal files.
SARF Sons of the American Revolution files.
HUMS Hulse Family miscellaneous files.
KDN Kim Davis' Notes.
D The Prefix "D" before an identity number indicates a descendant of the Flemish immigrant Johannes Holsaert of New York City.
R The Prefix "R" indicates a descendant of the English immigrant Richard Hulse of Long Island.
V The Prefix "V" indicates a descendant of the English bond servant, Meverell Hulse of Maryland.
FU# The Prefix "FU#" indicates that the immigrant ancestor of that Family Unit is not known.





  1. Anna Dorthea Huls (PI86) (Spouse, Veteran).
    Anna married John Joost Warner, Private, New York. He was born in New York on 14 September 1726, and died 18 October 1810. Anna's dates, places, and parents are unknown. No further information.

  2. Anna Hulse (R03/014/004) (PI86) (Spouse, Veteran).
    Anna was the daughter of John Edgar Hulse and Anne (last name unknown). She was born in Brookhaven, Suffolk Co., New York about 1715, and died there in January 1747. She was the first wife (married 1737) of David Overton (Public Service New York), born 1712, and died after 1781. After Anne's death David married Susannah Palmer. Even though Anna died long before the war, there were six children by her marriage to David: David Jr., Isaac, Anna, Abigail, John and James (twins.)

  3. Barbara Hulst (D05/060/002) (GHPN) (Spouse, Veteran).
    Barbara was the daughter of James Hulse and Mary Arnaut, and sister to Mary (see #30), and Peter (see #35). She was born about 1749, in New York, and married about 1756, in New Hackensack, Dutchess Co., New York, to Johannes Rosecrans/Rosekrantz, the son of Jacobus Rosekrantz and Sarah Decker. Johannes was reportedly baptized on the 23rd of December 1744, in the Reformed Dutch Church of Machockemek, Orange Co., New York; and reportedly died in the Revolutionary War. Barbara was his second wife. He had earlier married Margaret Allen, 7 June 1764, and after Barbara's death married Maria Roosa, 30 November 1771. He was a Private in the 2nd Dutchess Co., New York Militia. Jacob and Barbara had only one son of record, Warren Rosecrans.

  4. Benjamin Hulse (R05/016A/010) (PI66) (GHPN). (Patriotic Service, New York).
    Benjamin's parents were Jesse Hulse and Rachel Smith. Benjamin was born in Hamptonburg, Orange Co., New York, 22 February 1752, and died in 1810. He was married in 1779 to Abigail Everson, born 31 October 1762. Nine children are reported: Squire, Birdsey, Rhoda, Kelly (male), Phebe, Thomas Everson, Benjamin F., Abigail, and Clarissa.

  5. Benjamin Hulsart (D04/021/009) (HMOC) (ROMR) (Soldier, New Jersey).
    Benjamin was the son of Anthony Hulsart and Maria Van Barkelo. He was reportedly baptized by his father in Readington, New Jersey, on 25 March 1744. No other dates known. The name of his wife is unknown, and the two children listed for him have not been confirmed. It is presumed that this is the same Benjamin who witnessed a will in 1812 in Freehold, Monmouth Co., New Jersey. Also the same who was in the 1st Reg't, New Jersey Militia; and possibly the same who served as a Private in the 3rd Infantry Reg't, in the 1794 Monmouth County Indian insurrection. Presumed children are Samuel, and possibly Deborah. (See comments under Matthew "Tise" #32).

  6. Cornelius Hulsart (HMOC) (ROMR), Private 1st Reg't, Monmouth Co., New Jersey Militia. (see note below).

  7. Cornelius H. Hulsart (HMOC) (ROMR), Private 1st Reg't, Monmouth Co., New Jersey Militia (see note below).

    Comment concerning the two Cornelius Hulsarts: We frankly do not know which is which, as there are two Cornelius' in this time frame, possibly father and son. Cornelius "Sr." (D03/006/004) was born about 1712, and was married (before 1734) to Sarah Selovers. He would have been past his prime at the time of the Revolutionary War, but being under the age of 65, he still could have been expected to bear arms. The second Cornelius is presumed to be the former's son, but it is not certain. This younger Cornelius may have been the one who married Sarah Mash, 11 January 1764, in Hunterdon Co., New Jersey. At least one was alive around 1784, as the War Records Office, New Jersey Department of Defense, stated that Cornelius Hulsart received certificates, signed by Thomas Henderson, for the depreciation of his Continental pay in the Monmouth County Militia. No. 39, on 1 May 1784, for 3 pounds ten shillings, and No. 43, also dated 1 May 1784, for three pounds, twelve shillings, and four pence. The presumed children of Cornelius Sr. (D03/006/004) are Maria, Johana, and presumably Cornelius. The recorded children of Cornelius and Mary Mash are: Henry, Sarah, Cornelius, Samuel, John, William, Elsy, Mary, Lydia, and Rhoda.

  8. Daniel Hulse (R05/039/020) (Soldier, New York).
    This may be wrong as the dates are not right, for Daniel was reportedly born in 1770. Presuming that this is the correct Daniel, (the son of Thomas Hulse and Charity Overton), then he would have been the one who married Dinah (last name unknown), and served in the 4th Regiment of Militia for Orange County. No record of any children.

  9. David Hulse (R04/008/006) (PI66) (Soldier, New York).
    David was the son of Selah Hulse and Mary Tuthill, and was born in Suffolk County, New York in 1755 (birth also recorded as 1735), and died in Suffolk Co., New York, 4 May 1808. He was married (in 1780) to Mary Jones. Their children were: Thomas, James, Julia, David, Selah, Harvey, Daniel, Mary Ann, Lewis, Clarinda, Heathcote, and Clarissa. David served as a Private in Capt. Selah Strong's Minute Men, Suffolk Co., New York militia.


  10. Elisha Hulce, Sr. (D04/001/001) (GHPF) (Soldier, New York).
    Elisha was the son of Johannes Holsaert and Ann Waldron, and brother to James (see #19). Elisha was born about 1725, possibly in Wallkill, New York. He died between February and June 1796, in Minisink, Orange Co., New York. About 1750 he married Elizabeth (last name unknown), and they had six known children: John (see #24), Jacob (see #15), Benjamin F., Joseph Smith, Elizabeth, and Elisha, Jr. Elisha, Sr. was among those who signed the Pledge of Association early in the war. He also appears as Elisha Huice in the rolls of the 3rd Reg't, Orange County, New York Militia. In May 1777, he served for three months as a temporary replacement for his son Jacob in Capt. Little's Company at Dickens Fort on the Delaware. At that time he must have been about 50 years old.According to his descendant, Martial R. Hulce, Elisha was also a commissioner with Washington at Valley Forge, and helped furnish supplies to the army.

  11. Elizabeth (surname unknown) Huls, widow (his 2nd wife) of Josiah Huls (FU#37/0Y1) furnished wheat for the Continental Army, 7 September 1781, in Berkeley Co., Virginia. No children by this marriage reported.


  12. Gilbert Hulse (R04/019/008) (PI66) (Patriotic Service, New York).
    Gilbert was the son of Joshua Hulse and Sarah White, and the brother of Sarah (see #38). He was born in Setauket, Long Island, New York on 1 October 1735, and died in Wallkill, Orange Co., New York, on 19 May 1833. He married Charity Overton, born 14 September 1748, and died 14 September 1828. Their children were: James White, Elizabeth, Sarah, Thomas, Mary Polly, and Lucinda. He is listed as having signed the 1775 General Association, at Brookhaven, Long Island. Gilbert's father, Joshua, enlisted 23 March 1762, in Capt. Samuel Griffin's Company, Orange County, 4th Reg't., and fought in the French and Indian War.


  13. Henry Hulse (Huls) (FU#105/A01) (PI79) (Private, Pennsylvania).
    Henry was born about 1737, reportedly in England (not confirmed), and died 14 November 1810 (DAR records show his death as 9 January 1817). He is buried in the Peter's Creek Cemetery, Library Twp., Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania. He married twice. The name of his first wife is not known, but she was the mother of his four known children: Richard, Mariam, Henry, and Zaddock. His second wife was Mrs. Jane (Bell) [Lewis] [Seavers] Reno. He served as a Private in the War. A plaque, placed in the Peters Creek Baptist Church, by the Sons of the American Revolution, reads: "Henry Huls, Sr. - Capt. Fife's Co., Washington County Militia."


  14. Isaac Huls (KDN) listed in 9th New York Reg't. No further information.


  15. Jacob Hulse (Hulce) (D05/030/001) (PI66) (Soldier, New York).
    Jacob was the son of Elisha Hulce (see #10) and Elizabeth (last name unknown), and brother to John Hulce (see #24). Jacob was born in Goshen, Orange Co., New York, on 10 October 1755, and died 19 May 1833, possibly in Canandaigua, Ontario Co., New York, where he was residing at the time of his pension claim ($36.50 a year, S32335). He was married on 31 June 1778, in the First Presbyterian Church of Goshen, to Rebecca Van Tassel, the daughter of Nicholas Van Tassell. Jacob had quite a service record of which much of it is recorded in his own notes. It began on/or about 1 December 1775, when he was called out in Capt. John Little's Company of Col. Ellison's Reg't. They marched to the Hudson River and were on guard there for about ten days. They then marched down to Tappan and performed duties for about three weeks. After this, the command changed to Maj. John Gardner, and they continued duty for about forty days. The following is a quote from Jacob Hulse: "In 1776, it was a warm day and I was marched to Ft. Montgomery, and thence to Ft. Clinton and labored at public works under Lt. Stewart in Col. Ellison's Reg't. While there, I saw Gen. James Clinton and his brother, George Clinton and knew them well. I saw Gen. Washington when he went to Boston. I served one month there. On or before 12 December of the same year, I was called out in Capt. Little's Company and joined the Regiment at Goshen under Col. Ellison and marched to New York City. We remained there for nine or ten days, then marched to Gloucester, then back to Tappan where we encamped for some time, then back toward Gap of the Mountains and kept guard there about a month. Col. Ellison then divided the regiment and took part of it home. I remained and did duty more than one month when Lt. Marvlin drew thirty men of which I was one and went on a scouting party. We went to Jersey and returned to the Hudson and then to Paramus and after two months was discharged and went home. On or about 1 April 1777, I was called out in Capt. Little's Company and ordered to Naick to join Capt. Gardner to guard the frontier for one month. In May following I was called out again in Capt. Little's Company to go to DeWitt's Fort on the Neversink River and to Dickens Fort on the Delaware and did duty on this station until my father came and took my place and he served three months. Maj. Newkirk commanded at DeWitt's Fort. The Indians tried several times to take the fort and Lt. Stewart was killed. After this we were frequently ordered out on claims but there was no specific duty until the summer of 1781 when I was called out in Capt. Sweesey's Company and did duty at Tappan Landing. I was there when the news of Cornwallis' surrender was announced and did duty for two and a half months." In 1777 Jacob was wounded at a General Review by the kick of a horse. He was still disabled in his left leg at the time of his pension application. The reported children of Jacob and Rebecca are: James and Benjamin, (DAR Application #157694 also lists a daughter Anna). From "Abstracts of Rev. War Pension Files": "HULSE, Jacob, S32335, NY Line, appl 28 Aug 1832 Ontario Co NY, sol was b at Goshen NY 10 Oct 1755 & he lived in Goshen & Minisink NY until 1826 then moved to Canandaigua in Ontario Co NY"

  16. James Huls/Huse (KDN) reported in the 5th Connecticut Reg't. No further information.


  17. James Hulsart (APBN) (Soldier, New Jersey). A James Hulsart is listed as having served in Capt. Thomas Hunn's Company, 1st Bn., Monmouth Militia, under Maj. Asher Holmes. James received 2 pounds 10 shillings for depreciation of his Continental pay in the New Jersey militia. His name is listed as a prisoner taken at the Battle of Navesink in 1777. James is quite probably Jacques (James) Holsart (D04/022/009), who was baptized 30 October 1756 in the First Reformed Church of Freehold, New Jersey, and died after 14 June 1818. If so, then he would be the one who married Rachel Gibbons on 13 May 1769, in Burlington Co., New Jersey. Their reported children were: Nathan, Barzolli (or Barlaza), Aaron, Margaret, and Hetty.


  18. James Hulse (D04/033/013) (GHPF) (Soldier, Virginia).
    James was the son of Richard Hulse and Mary Williams, and brother of Susanna (see #40), and William (see #43). James was born 10 March 1759, at Freehold, Monmouth Co., New Jersey, and died 3 July 1829 in Lick (now Liberty) Twp., Jackson Co., Ohio. He was married on 5 March 1781, in Botetourt Co., Virginia, to Margaret "Peggy" Henry, daughter of Andrew Henry. He enlisted from Shepherdstown, Virginia, and served for three years in the 12th and 8th Virginia Line. He was listed as serving under Capt. John James at one period. He was reportedly at the battle of Brandywine, Virginia, September 1777 (Pension file S41666, BLwt 1754.) (Also reported at German Town and Paulus Hook.) He was allowed a pension of $8.00 per month on 13 September 1819, while a resident of Ross County, Ohio. This may be the same James Huls who received 100 acres of land by Military Warrant, Kentucky #1754, dated 12 September 1783, for three years service in Virginia. The known children of James and Margaret are: William, Richard, Nancy, Margaret, Mary, Elizabeth, Susanna, Jane, Andrew, Patsy (or Martha), Ruth, and Druscilla.
    From "Abstracts of Rev. War Pension Files": "HULSE, James, S41666, VA Line sol enl at Shepherdstown VA, he appl 13 Sep 1819 Ross Co OH aged 62, in 1821 sol had moved to Jackson Co OH with his wife aged 66 & 2 daughters aged 18 & 14 yrs both at home."


  19. James Hulse (D04/002/001) (GHPF) (Soldier, New York).
    James was the son of Johannes Holsaert and Joan Waldron, and brother of Elisha (see #10). James was born about 1728, probably in Brooklyn, Kings Co., New York, and died, about 1791, at Ridgebury, Orange Co., New York. He was married about 1746, probably in Goshen, Orange Co., New York, to Mary Arnot, daughter of Peter and Lenah Arnot. James served in the 3rd Reg't of Militia from Orange Co., New York. James and Mary's children were: Peter, Barbara, Phebe, Mary, Joseph, Sarah, James, Richard, Mehitable (?), Hugh, and Jane.


  20. James Pearle Hulse (Huls) (V05/002/002, old number FU#128/A01) (GHPF) (Soldier, Virginia).
    James, brother of William Pearle Hulse (see #45), was born about 1760 in Frederick Co., Virginia, and died on the 25th of January 1835, in Danville, Vermillion Co., Illinois. His parents were John and Elizabeth Sevier Hulse. He married Martha Munday, November 1789, near Rumley, Hampshire Co., Virginia, and then re-married her the second time on the 25th of November 1828, in Champaign Co., Ohio. James served in the 4th Virginia Line. He was drafted in Berkeley Co., Virginia, and served one year. He applied for a pension in 1833, stating that he had served one year in Virginia Troops, enlisting 18 March 1778, in Capt. John Smith's Company of Col. John Neville's (Newell ?) 4th Reg't. In 1831 he received a pension of $80.00 a year. (File R5367) His wife, Martha, later applied for a widow's pension, but was rejected as proof of marriage was insufficient. (Pension File R5367). Their children of record are: Mary (Polly), Margaret, possibly Richard, James, John, and possibly William.
    From "Abstracts of Rev. War Pension Files": "HULS, James, Martha, R5367, VA Line, sol rec'd BLW #1754-100-12 Sep 1783, appl 2 Oct 1832 Vermillion Co IL aged 71, sol lived in Berkeley Co VA at enl, one Polly Sconce & her James Sconce her husband signed p.o.a. on 16 Aug 1853 to obtain bal due sol at his death."

  21. Jane Hulshart (widow) (HUMS315) (PI86) (Spouse, Veteran).
    Mrs. Jane Hulshart married Jacob Lane (Lieutenant, New Jersey) 1 August 181-. Jacob was born 29 May 1753, and died 9 October 1837. This was, for both their second marriage. He had earlier married Alice Chamberlain. Monmouth Co., New Jersey marriage records list both Jane and Jacob as being from Monmouth Co. Who Jane's Hulshart husband was has not yet been determined. It seems doubtful that there were children from this late marriage.


  22. Jerusha Hulse (PI86) (Spouse, Veteran).
    Jerusha was the first wife of Joseph Raynor (Minute Man, Private, New York) who was born about 1723, and died 16 August 1797. There is no record of Jerusha's dates, places of birth, or parents, but she was the mother of Isaac Raynor (1762-1850), who married Joanna Hulse (1763-1858) (R05/089/031). After Jerusha's death, Joseph married second, Jemima Dayton. No further information.


  23. Joanna Hulse (see note) (PI86) (Spouse, Veteran).
    Joanna (Nancy ?) was the second wife of Jared Wooley (Private, 3rd Reg't, New York). The dates and places of birth, and parents of Joanna are unknown. Jared was born 12 October 1742, and died 27 June 1827. Jared's first wife was Abigail (last name unknown). No further information. (Note: Some records give Jared's second wife as Nancy Hulse born 1745).


  24. John Hulse (Hulce) (D05/029/001) (PI66) (Soldier, New York).
    John was the son of Elisha Hulce (see #10) and Elizabeth (last name unknown), and brother to Jacob Hulce (see #15). John was born in Goshen, Orange Co., New York in 1754/56, he died 15 December 1811, in Deposit, Broome Co., New York. He was married, in 1774 at Goshen, to Abigail Williams, daughter of Jeremiah Williams. John was a Private in McClaughry's 2nd Reg't, Ulster County, New York Militia. He was part of the group that marched to Penpack in opposition to the Indians and Tories in 1778. He later became ill and did not march under Col. Hutchinson against John Brant at Minisink in 1789, in which most of Col. Hutchinson's troops were killed. "Among 150 volunteers was John Hulse; though sick and convalescent from a fecer (sic), nothing could restrain him." (Page 316, "History of Delaware Co., New York." The known children of John and Abigail are: Sylvester, Samuel, John Williams, Sally, David, Julianah, Polly (or Mary), and Keziah (or Kosiah.)


  25. John Hulst (Johannes Hulsart) (D05/008/012) (GHPF) (Soldier, New Jersey).
    John was the son of Pieter Hulsart and Willimpie van Nostrand. He was born 9 May 1759, in Freehold, Monmouth Co., New Jersey, and died 6 December 1846, in Marlborough, Monmouth Co., New Jersey. He was married on 7 February 1788, to Mary Polhemus (or Polhemels), the daughter of Tobias Polhemus and Mary Schenck. John was a Private in the 1st Reg't, Monmouth County Militia. John and Mary's recorded children are: Maria, Hannah, and Eleanor (Lena).

  26. John Hulshart (Hulsarte/Hulse) (HUMS375) (GHPF) (Soldier, New Jersey) (Rev. War Pension File W940).
    John was born about 1750, probably in New Jersey, but date, place, and parentage are unknown. He died 14 February 1817, in Middlesex Co., New Jersey. On 9 May 1772, at Spottswood, New Jersey, he married Margaret Halfpenny. They had three known children: Catharine, Cornelius, and Ellen. John was a Private in Capt. Witherell's Company, Col. Forman's Reg't, New Jersey militia. His widow was listed on the New Jersey Pension Rolls (NJ #3060) for the sum of $36.66 per year.
    From "Abstracts of Rev. War Pension Files": "HULSHART, John, Margaret, W940, NJ Line, sol d 14 Feb 1817, wid appl 16 Apr 1838 Middlesex Co NJ aged 83, sol m Margaret Halfpenny 9 May 1772, children shown were; Catharine b 17 Mar 1773, Cornelius b 9 Aug 1776 & Ellen b 28 Dec 1778."


  27. Jonah Hulse (R04/031/010) (PI66) (Soldier, New York).
    Jonah, the son of Paul Hulse (the name of his mother is unknown), was born on 15 January 1732, in Brookhaven, Suffolk Co., New York, and died 8 (or 18) May 1809, in Baiting Hollow, Riverhead, Long Island, New York. He was married first, in 1757, to Joanna Raynor (1736-1801). Their children were: Jonah, Ruth, Joanna, Martha, and Sarah. After 1801, he married the second time (her name is not recorded), and had a daughter Ann. Jonah served as a Private in the 1st Reg't, Suffolk County Militia, under Col. Josiah Smith. He was present at meetings of several committees of the Regiment on the 24th of October 1775.


  28. Joseph Hulse (D04/034/013) (GHPF) (Soldier, Pennsylvania).
    Joseph was born about 1755, probably in Frederick County, Virginia. He married about 1775, probably in Virginia, to Sicha (last name unknown, though SAR file #134285 lists her name as possibly being Siche Hoagland). Joseph died 18 September 1821, in Harmony Twp., Clark Co., Ohio. Joseph served in "Lord Dunsmore's War" from the State of Virginia, on Capt. George Rogers Clarke's Roll, and was discharged in Pittsburgh, (later Pennsylvania). Joseph served in the Pennsylvania Militia during the Revolutionary War. His wife was alive as late as 1830, when she filed a land claim with the 21st Congress. The known children of Joseph and Sicha were: Drucillia, Henry, Isaac, Richard, Sarah, and Jane.


  29. Joshua Hulse (R04/024/008) (Soldier, New York).
    Joshua was born in New York in 1747, and died in 1802. He married Rachel Tuthill. They had the following children: Meade Tuthill, Keziah Ann, Sarah, Hezekiah, Seth, Samuel, Elizabeth, and Benjamin F. Joshua reportedly served in the 4th Regiment, Orange County Militia.


  30. Mary Hulze (Hulse) (D05/062/002) (GHPF) (Spouse, Veteran).
    Mary was the daughter of James Hulse and Mary Arnaut, and sister to Barbara (see #3), and Peter (see #35). Mary was baptized 15 June 1757, in the "Filkintown" Poughkeepsie Presbyterian Church, Dutchess Co., New York, and died 18 September 1837, at Halfway Brook (now Eldred) Lumberland, Sullivan Co., New York. Her first marriage (about 1775) was to Elisha Eldred, born 1750-1752 in New England, and died 18 October 1804, at Outlet (village of Denton), Orange Co., New York. Elisha served in the 3rd Reg't of Orange County, New York. Mary and Elisha Eldred had the following children: Everett, James, Sarah, Susanna, Napsah (sp), Samuel, Richard, Mary, Amelia, Ephraim S., and Nathaniel Bailey. After Elisha's death, Mary married the second time to John Forgeson, on the 26th of October 1806. No children of record by this later marriage.

  31. Mathew Hulse (Matthias Holsaert) (D04/020/008) (PI66) (APBM) (Soldier, New Jersey).
    Matthias was the son of Matthias Holsaert and Anna (Matthews ?). Matthias (or Matthew) was born in Freehold, Monmouth Co., New Jersey, 3 November 1756, and baptized there on 3 January 1757. He died 11 April 1846, and is buried in the Mt. Pleasant Burial Ground. He was married on 29 July 1781, to Elizabeth Tuys/Tyse, the daughter of Peter and Anna Tyson. Matthias enlisted March 1776, at Mount Pleasant, as a Private in Capt. John Smock's Company, of Col. George Taylor's 1st Reg't, Monmouth County, New Jersey Militia. He went on to serve under various commands, and fought in the battles of Long Island and White Plains, New York, and Cheesequake and Conascenk, New Jersey. Serving as part of Lt. James Whitlock's Light Infantry, he was captured at Highlands of Navesink, near Sandy Hook, but exchanged, and continued to served until after June 21st, 1780. He applied 19 October 1833 and was given a pension. His wife was granted one 23 March 1849 at the age of 77 (File W253). The known children of Matthias and Elizabeth are: Peter M., Mathias (Matthew) Jr., John, William, Ann, Mary, Catharine, Elizabeth, Susanah, and Thomas.
    From "Abstracts of Rev. War Pension Files": "HULSE, Mathias or Matthias, Elizabeth, W253, NJ Line, sol was b 3 Nov 1755 in Freehold Twnshp in Monmouth Co NJ & he lived there at enl & he appl there 19 Oct 1833 & he m there to Elizabeth Tyse 29 Jul 1781 & sold there 11 Apr 1846 & wid appl there 23 Mar 1849 aged 77 a res of Marlborough Twnshp NJ."


  32. Matthias/Matthew Hulsart ("Tise"?) (APBN) (GHPF) (Soldier, New Jersey).
    Though not proven, it has been reported that Benjamin (see #5) had a brother Matthias D05/023/009), born about 1757. That there were two Matthew's serving in the Monmouth Militia is mentioned by several sources. The single reference to a "Tise" is presumed to be a nickname for Matthias to separate him from the other Matthias or Matthew. New Jersey military records list one using Matthew Hulse (see #28) and another as Matthias Hulsart. Both descend from the same immigrant ancestor (Johannes Holsaert), but the surname change had already started, so the use of Hulse for one or the other would not be unusual. The New Jersey Adjutant General, in a letter dated Trenton, January 14th, 1925, had this to say about Matthias Hulsart's war record, "It is certified, that the records of this office show that Matthias Hulsart enlisted as Private, company commanded by Lieutenant Jacob Tice, Colonel Asher Holmes' First Regiment, Monmouth County New Jersey Militia, February 23, 1779; discharged March 24, 1779; member of detachment of Monmouth County, New Jersey Militia, which, under command of Colonel Holmes, captured the British Brig "Britania" at Shoal Harbor off the New Jersey Coast, December 30, 1779; received certificate #672, amounting to 11 pounds, 1 shilling, 8 pence for the depreciation of his Continental pay in the Monmouth County, New Jersey Militia." He is also listed as one of Capt. Hunn's Company taken prisoner at the Battle of Navesink in 1777. No further information available regarding a marriage or children.


  33. Paul Hulse (Deacon) (R04/029/010) (PI66) (Soldier, New York).
    Paul was the son of Paul Hulse (name of mother is unknown). He was born in 1716 (1718 in the Port of Brooklyn per DAR Application #204690), and died 7 February 1799. He was married first, in 1747, to Esther Mapes, and second, in 1773, to Mary Fisher. Paul and Esther's children were: Isaac, Caleb Mapes, Tabitha (see #41), Martha, and Jonah. Paul is listed in the 4th Company of Militia under Capt. David Milford, and is also listed on the payroll of Lt. Isaac Davis.


  34. Peter Hulse.
    Delete this person from the records. It is unlikely that he ever existed. (GHPF) (Soldier, Virginia). According to Dandridge's "Historic Shepherdstown", Peter Hulse enlisted in Capt. Stephenson's Company, which had been formed in Shepherdstown, Frederick Co., Virginia in 1775. Peter has been confused with William Hulse (see #43), who was a member of this famous Company in 1775. Eckenrode lists Peter Hulse in his Index of Revolutionary records in the Virginia State Archives. His name could very well be a mis-recording of "Pearle". (See James Pearle #20).

  35. Peter Hulst/Holst (Hulse) (D05/059/002) (GHPF) (Soldier, New York).
    Peter was the son of James Hulse and Mary Arnaut, and brother to Barbara (see #3), and Mary (see #30). Peter was reported to have been born on the 21st of March 1747, in New York. He died on the 10th of September 1811, in New Hackensack, Dutchess Co., New York. On the 21st of December 1771, he married a cousin Antje/Ann Luyster, in the Reformed Dutch Church, of New Hackensack. Ann was the daughter of Matthias Luyster and Barbara Holsaert (D04/011/004). Peter served from Dutchess County New York. Peter and Ann possibly had at least the following children: Hendrick, Matthew/Matthias, and a daughter.


  36. Richard Hulse (FU#32/Z001) (GHPF) (Soldier, Pennsylvania).
    Richard was born about 1747, possibly in New Jersey, though no proof exists. He married Mary (last name unknown). His first child was born 1779, in Westmoreland Co., Pennsylvania. In 1795 the family resided in St. Clair Twp., Allegheny Co. By 1797 they removed to Fleming Co., Kentucky where Richard appears on the 1800 tax list. He served with Joseph Hulse (D04/034/013, see #28) in Captain George Rogers' Line from Virginia in "Lord Dunsmore's War." Certificates also exist from Pennsylvania indicating that he served with the Militia during the Revolutionary War. Deposition of Richard in Guion McGee's Revolutionary War pension papers establishes without doubt that the Richard of Fleming Co., Kentucky is the same Richard of Alleganey/Washington Co.'s, Pennsylvania. The deposition also establishes the date of his first child's birth (though the name is unknown), and Richard's age, residence, and militia service in the Indian Wars prior to the Revolution. Recorded children were: Thomas, Richard, Joseph F., Esther, Mary, and F. Sarah.


  37. Sarah Hulse (V06/004/003, old number FU#41/C03/B01) (KDN) (Spouse, Veteran ?) Sarah was the daughter of William Pearle Hulse and Eleanor Howard. She was born in Virginia about 1873. Her marriage bond was dated 1 July 1816, in Sullivan Co., Tennessee to Josiah Crawford. They had at least two children, Mary, born in 1822, and Josiah born in 1825. Both in Tennessee. Josiah Senior died 14 December 1827, in Tennessee. For some reason Sarah though that Josiah was in the Virginia militia, and applied for a Widow's Pension #R2473. It was rejected. Subsequent proof has not surfaced that would support her claim.


  38. Sarah Hulse (R04/022/008) (PI86) (Spouse, Veteran).
    Sarah was the daughter of Joshua Hulse and Sarah White, and the sister of Gilbert Hulse (see #12). She was born in New York about 1740, and was married, in 1779, to John Wood (Private, New York), born about 1755, and died in 1800.


  39. Silas Hulse (R05/026/018) (PI66) (Soldier, New York).
    Silas was the son of Silas Hulse and Charity Smith. He was born in Goshen, Orange Co., New York, on 7 October 1754, and died in New York, 1 Dec 1799. He served as a 2nd Lieutenant in Capt. Harden's Company, Col. William Allison's Reg't. (Capt. Harden's Company was also listed as a part of Col. Moses Hatfield's Reg't of the Orange County militia). He was listed as a signer of the Pledge of Association for the Precinct of Goshen. He was married, in 1783, to Margaret Brown. Their children were: Nathan, Jane, Christian (female), Silas, Miriam, Martha, Duncan, Peter, James V., Margaret, and Joseph.


  40. Susanna Hulse (D04/035/013) (PI86) (Spouse, Veteran).
    Susanna was the daughter of Richard Hulse and Mary Williams, and the sister of William (see #43), and James (see #18). She was born about 1755 in Monmouth Co., New Jersey, and died 17 November 1839, in Shepherdstown, Virginia (now West Virginia.) She was married in 1773, in Shepherdstown, to Thomas C. Shepherd, 2nd (Soldier, Virginia), born about 1743, in Frederick Co., Virginia, and died 16 October 1792, in Berkley Co., Virginia (now in West Virginia). They both are buried in the Shepherd Burial Ground, Shepherdstown. According to the Duke-Shepherd-Van Metre family genealogy, Susanna later married a Mr. (first name unknown) Brooks. By Susanna's marriage to Thomas Shepherd they had the following children: Thomas, David, John, Joseph, Sarah, Elizabeth, James, and possibly Mary.

  41. Tabatha Hulse (R05/081/029) (PI86) (Spouse, Veteran).
    Tabatha was the daughter of Paul Hulse and Esther Mapes (see #33). She was born in New York, in 1751, and died in New York, in 1829. She married Israel Howell, Jr. (Private, New Jersey), who was born January 1742, and died 24 November 1805.


  42. Timothy Hulse (HMOC), Private in Capt. Carhart's Co., 1st Reg't, New Jersey Militia.
    No further information available.


  43. William Hulse (D04/032/013) (PI66) (Soldier, Virginia).
    William was the son of Richard Hulse and Mary Williams, and the brother of Susanna (see #40), and James (see #18). William was born 14 Oct 1753, in Monmouth Co., New Jersey, and died 6 September 1830, in St. Clairsville, Belmont Co., Ohio. He married Elizabeth Brown on 26 May 1773, in Shepherdstown, Frederick Co., Virginia (now West Virginia). She was the daughter of Elizabeth Shepherd and William Brown. Records for 1775/6 show William Hulse as a Private in Capt. Hugh Stephenson's Company. On 24 October 1783, he received 139 pounds, 18 shillings, 3 pence for his services as Sergeant in the Virginia Calvary, and is very probably the same William Hulse who received 300 acres per 25 October 1783, Military Warrant, Kentucky, #1917. William and Elizabeth had the following children: Joseph, Ruth, John, Parry Brown, Sheppard, Sarah, and Maria (Kitty).


  44. William Hulse (Holsaert) (D04/013/005) (PI79) (ROMR) (Soldier, New Jersey).
    William was the son of Johannes Holsaert and Altji Covenhaven. William was born about 1742, reportedly in New Utrecht, Kings Co., New York, and died about 1812, in Freehold, Monmouth Co., New Jersey. He was married on 11 June 1763, in Freehold, to Margarietje/Margaret Sutphen, the daughter of Dirk Sutphen and Jannetji Van Voorhees. William was a Private in Lieutenant Jacob Tice's Company, 1st Reg't, Monmouth County, New Jersey Militia, under Brig. Gen. David Forman. William and Margaret had the following children: William Jr., Jane (died young), Peter, Jane, Elizabeth, Lydia, Altie Covenhoven, David, John, Mary, and Margaret.

  45. William Pearle Hulse (V05/003/002, old number FU#41/B01) (GHPF) (Soldier, Virginia). William, brother to James Pearle Hulse (see #20), was born between 1755 and 1760, in Frederick Co., Virginia. His parents were John and Elizabeth Sevier Hulse. He was in Berkeley Co., Virginia in 1779, where his son John was born that year. He is also listed in Berkley Co. on the 1782 and 1787 tax lists. He was the William P. Hults, in the 4th Virginia Reg't., Continental Line, per his great grandson's obituary. William moved to Sullivan Co., Tennessee in 1796, where he died after the 1840 census. His wife is assumed to be Nellie Howard. Their possible children were: William, James Pearle, Sarah, Elizabeth (Lizzie), Abraham Valentine, and John.

  46. William Hulsart (ROMR) (Soldier, New Jersey).
    William was a Private in Captain Samuel Carhart's Company, 1st Reg't, Monmouth County Militia. He was a member of a detachment under the command of Col. Asher Holmes, which captured the British Brig "Britania" on the Jersey Coast. for which he was awarded a portion of the prize money in a Court of Admiralty of New Jersey presided over by Judge John Imlay at Allentown, February 26, 1780. He was a Private in Capt. Samuel Carhart's Company, State Troops; enlisted June 28, 1780, to serve until January 1, 1781. Received certificate No. 673, dated May 1, 1784 and signed by Thomas Henderson, for 13 pounds, five shillings, for the depreciation of his Continental pay in the Monmouth County Militia. At date of enlistment he was a resident of Middletown, Monmouth County, New Jersey; age 18 years; height 5' 8"; light eyes, brown hair. (War Records Office, New Jersey Department of Defense, Military Records). This might be the William Hulst (HUMS323) who married Sara Hulst 18 November 1784, at the Dutch Reformed Church in Freehold, Monmouth Co., New Jersey. (ROMR lists a William of Middlesex Co., along with John. See #26). It is also suggested that this could be William Hulsart (D05/009/013) who married Sarah Forman, and was called "Capt." This, however, creates a problem as his birth date is given as 8 April 1769, baptized 14 May 1869. He may have been a Captain in the post war militia, thus the rank.


  47. William ? Huls (KDN)
    A William Huls is reported to have served as a Cpl. in the Somerset Co., New Jersey Militia. This could be one of the two New Jersey Williams listed above.


  48. - 49. Stephen Hulse/Hults (Rev. War Pension File #S10880 National Archives, Washington, D.C.,)  (Clan R - son of Stephen Hulse, and grandson of Ebenezer Hulse) Private, served two terms, one for New York and one for Connecticut. Applied on 19 January 1832, at Kent, Putnam Co., New York for pension. Stated that he served under Capt. Ephraim Lockwood, Capt. Rockwell, and Capt. Lemuel Bostwick. Enlisted at North Salem, Westchester Co., New York where he resided at the time. Stated that he was born in Bedford, Westchester Co., New York, and is 72 years old in 1832 (born 1760). Stated that the record of his birth was in the family Bible which burned when his mother's house in Bedford burned. Stated that since the Revolution he lived in North Salem, Westchester Co., then for the past 26 years (that is since 1806) he has lived in the Town of Kent, Putnam Co. In the 1840 Census of Pensioners, New York-Southern District, it lists in the village of Kent, a Stephen Hults (age 83 b 1757)

    From "Abstracts of Rev. War Pension Files": "HULTS, Stephen, S10880, CT & NY Line, sol was b at Bedford in Westchester Co NY & he lived at N. Salem in Westchester Co NY at enl & in 1806 he moved to Putnam Co NY & he appl there 12 Sep 1832."

    He is buried in the Peekskill Hollow Cemetery, Putnam Valley, New York.  Died July 1, 1844, in his 86th year (b. 1760).Wife Nancy (Anna Lockwood) Hultz headstone was previously mistaken for his - Her date of death given as November 17, 1838, in her 78th year. Stephen married Anna Lockwood on 19 June 1783, in the Church of Christ, Salem, Westchester Co., New York

    Thanks to Mary Inoue for correcting this entry.

  1. Aaltie Holsaart (D05/004/010) (Spouse, Veteran).
    Aaltie, born about 1765, was married 6 January 1777, to Adolphus Brower, (born about 1740,in Fishkill, New Hackensack, New York, died after 13 March 1825.) Adolphus was a Pvt. in the New York militia. They had two children baptized in the New Hackensack church, but their names are not recorded.

    While these are not of the Hulse families, due to the confusion of last names the following are mentioned:

    1. Jennings Hulsey who reportedly was in the battle of King's Mountain.

    2. James Hulsey contributed goods.

    3. Jesse Hulsey was in a Burke County, North Carolina unit.


    It was not uncommon for a Hulse to be listed as a Hulls so the following names are mentioned, with the understanding that they may not be from one of our families. (Both sources KDN).

    1. John Hull(s), listed as a Sgt. in the 7th Virginia Reg't.

    2. Solomon Hulls listed as a Pvt. in the 12th Virginia Reg't.

    3. Joseph Newton, born 1731, died 28 April 1797, Lt. CT. Married Sarah Hulls.

    4. John Hagey/Heagey/Heagie, born 1748/50, died 14 July 1841, Guard French Army. Married Catherine Hult.

    5. Christian Hisey, born about 1759, died 1827, Pvt. PA. Married Christina Hultz.

    6. Adam Smith, born 1739, died 21 May 1824, Pvt. NY. Married Sarah Hultzin.