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 .....a word about those Identity Numbers.
by Granvyl Hulse


By way of explanation, this method was designed back in 1969 to work on the old IBM 80 punch cards so that I could sort the various names, as well as identify which family they belonged to. I have not seen any reason to change, as the nice thing about my method is that I can sort out the thousands of names in my computer; not only by family grouping, but in their proper generational order. When you are working with as many families as we are, it is a great help to have unique identity numbers assigned to each individual person.


There are three types:

  1. A person's identity number who belongs to a Clan (immigrant ancestor known) will have either a single or double letter prefix. I am a descendant of Johannes Holsaert Clan D. My identity number is D10/014/020. It means that I am number 14 listed in the tenth generation, and that my father was the 20th Hulse listed in the previous 9th generation. His identity number was D09/020/029. Further, within Clan D, an extra letter has been added. A, B, or J as in D10/014/020B. This designates which son of Johannes (the Clan D immigrant) a person is descended from.
  2. A person's identity number who belongs to a Family Unit (immigrant ancestor not known) will have a number prefix. Grace Helen Hulse of Family Unit #32 has the identity number 32/D022/C09. "D" being the fourth letter of the alphabet implies that she is the fourth generation down from Family Unit #32's oldest known ancestor. She was the 22nd person recorded for that generation. Her father was the ninth recorded for the preceeding third generation "C". Should FU#32 be linked to an immigrant ancestor then all of those persons presently listed under this family will be renumbered to correspond with the appropriate clan under the method listed in paragraph "a" above.
  3. Those people who we have not been able to connect with—either a Clan or Family Unit—and who are presently collected in our miscellaneous file, are given an HUMS prefix (HUlse MiSc.) followed by a set of numbers in the cronological order that we have found them.


This is not to say that you have to use these identity numbers for your own records. It is just our method of keeping the many names separated for our records. Use what ever method suits your needs best.